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ON THIS DATE IN 1916: Markham


On 30 January, 1916, Sir Clements Robert Markham died in London.

Born at Stillingfleet on 20 July, 1830, Markham joined the Royal Navy in 1844 and spent the next six years serving on various vessels

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Sir Ernest in Dublin 1909

Sir Ernest in Dublin: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Dublin Nimrod lecture

in aid of Lady Dudley’s district nurses, 14 December, 1909.


Almost immediately after the British Antarctic Expedition (the Nimrod expedition),…

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ON THIS DATE ON 1854 Andrée

On 18 October, 1884, Salomon August Andrée was born in Gränna, Sweden.

The incredible story of S. A. Andrée is one that I have only recently come across. I won’t say much about it here. I will simply leave you, our …

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