The Shackleton Endurance Exhibition Ending on the 30th December 2015

A story of hope, faith & triumph

Discover one of the greatest survival stories of all time

The Shackleton Endurance Exhibition Ending on the 30th December 2015

Can you survive the journey?

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The Shackleton Endurance Exhibition Ending on the 30th December 2015

Triumph against all odds

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Dates For Your Diaries

27 October “Abandon Ship” order given by Shackleton
to get everyone off the “Endurance” safely before she sank.
Detailed Blogs around this historic event will be posted closer to the time.

21st Nov The “Endurance” Sinks
We have an event planned at the exhibition to remember this extraordinary day.
A talk to be given by Liam Maloney, our in house historian,
on the ship’s stowaway Perce Blackborrow. Admission €15.

22 December “Endurance” Dinner
The 2nd Annual Dinner for 28 “crew” to re-enact the Christmas dinner the men had on board the Endurance. Book early, Cost €100.

For further information and for booking the above events, please call (01)2360544 or email: .

The Exhibition has lots of incredible books and prints for sale which make for wonderful Christmas presents.

“Must End 30 of December 2015”

Leadership Skills – Shackleton Style

It was Shackleton’s Leadership qualities every step of the way that ensured all 28 men arrived home safe after nearly 2 years in the icy Antarctic.

On 17th June 2015 in conjunction with Renewal Company of Madrid, John O’Reilly delivered a half day Leadership Training course to a senior management team from a large French corporation based in Paris. Please contact John for more information on +353 86 85 23498.

How can we learn from what Shackleton did and translate that into our modern working lives so that the teams we operate in and the companies we work for can become better places because of our contribution.

Testimonial of the virtual tour

Thanks to Kaitlin Uhaze and Diana Loiacono
Village Elementary School, Skillman, New Jersey America

We are teachers of a 3rd grade class in New Jersey, USA. After reading the book, Who Was Ernest Shackleton by James Buckley Jr., our class thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour of the Shackleton Exhibition! Mr. O’Reilly was engaging and willing to answer our students’ many questions. The children remarked that it felt like they were reliving the Endurance Expedition!”

Loiacono Village Elementary School, Skillman, NJ

Ernest Shackleton

Expedition Leader

Sir Ernest Shackleton was born in Kilkea, Co Kildare, an hour west of Dublin. He resided there until he moved to London with his family at the age of 10. At 16, Shackleton left school to join the Merchant Navy where he developed a love for adventure. Although Shackleton was a well-accomplished Antarctic explorer, his greatest challenge was yet to unfold during the Endurance Expedition of 1914.

Follow Shackleton’s Journey

Experience Shackleton’s Endurance expedition to the Antarctic

Endurance Exhibition

Relive this incredible journey in Dún Laoghaire through over 150 photographs captured by the expedition’s photographer Frank Hurley, a full size replica of the James Caird lifeboat and much more.


Journey to Antarctica with Shackleton and his 28-man crew on our Virtual Tour. Learn about the icey conditions of Antarctica, life on board a ship at sea, and the various perils Shackleton’s crew faced on their perilous journey.


Focusing on 5 key characteristics of effective teams, our workshop explores the management, teamwork and problem solving skills that saw Shackleton’s Endurance expedition “Triumph against all odds”.


Come visit us in Dún Laoghaire

Ferry Terminal, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Our exhibition is situated in the heart of Dún Laoghaire harbour, Co. Dublin. Shackleton has historic ties to the area as his family emigrated to London in 1884 through Dún Laoghaire harbour when he was 10 years old. Visit our exhibition to see how Sir Ernest Shackleton was responsible for saving the lives of his crew in the face of impossible odds.

Photo Prints

Check out the Royal Geographical Society’s range of official prints.
Use the following voucher code when purchasing: Endurance01

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Breathtaking Photographs

See what life was like for 28 men and their canines, stranded on the Antarctic ice for over two years. Frank Hurley’s collection of over 150 diary photos captures Shackleton’s team as they survived extreme temperatures while stranded in the Antarctic.


Latest news from the Ernest Shackleton Endurance Exhibition

Ernest to Emily

I have already made arrangements with Heinemann…and it means £10,000 if we are successful…and the book can pay off guarantees if the people really want them but I think they will not ask for them if we are successful…’

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