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Shackleton Endurance Exhibition at Detroit Zoo

With many thanks to Brittney Diesbourg at Detroit Zoo, we now present photographs of the Shackleton exhibition as it is at the zoo. The building that it occupies is wonderful and suits the display of Frank Hurley’s…

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On 20 November, 1940, George Marston died. He was official artist on Shackleton’s expeditions aboard the Nimrod and the Endurance.

Signatures of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and George Marston

Signatures of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and George Marston

Marston was born on…

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ON THIS DATE ON 1854 Andrée

On 18 October, 1884, Salomon August Andrée was born in Gränna, Sweden.

The incredible story of S. A. Andrée is one that I have only recently come across. I won’t say much about it here. I will simply leave you, our …

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On This Date in 1885 Hurley


On 15 October, 1885, Frank Hurley was born in Sydney. His photographs of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition have shaped how we visually think of the men, the landscape and the hardships, as well as the amusements,…

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On This Day in 1861 Nansen

On 10 October, 1861, Fridtjof Nansen—zoologist, oceanographer, athlete, scholar, academic, Arctic explorer, writer, diplomat, humanitarian—was born at Store Frøen, near Oslo, Norway. A leader in many fields…

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On This Day in 1966: Andrew Keith Jack

On 26 September, 1966, Andrew Keith Jack, physicist of the Aurora, industrial chemist, died.

Andrew Keith Jack (known as Keith Jack) was born on 9 September, 1885, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Keith Jack was …

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On This Day In 1974: Green

On 26 September, 1974, Charles Green, the cook aboard the Endurance, died in Hull, England. He was known as the ‘Antarctic Chef’.

Charles Green was born on 24 November, 1888, in Richmond, Surrey, the eldest of four…

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On This Day in 1870: H. Hanssen

On 24 September, 1870, Helmer Julius Hanssen, Norwegian polar explorer, was born in Bjørnskinn, on the island of Andøya in northern Norway. He grew up farming and fishing with his father. Hanssen was an experienced…

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On This Day in 1924: Holness

On 20 September, 1924, Albert Ernest Holness died when he was washed overboard and lost at sea whilst serving on the trawler Lord Lonsdale off the Faroe Islands, Scotland.

Born in Hull on 7 December, 1892, Ernie Holness…

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On This Day in 1936: Charcot

Jean-Baptiste Charcot was a French polar explorer and expedition leader. His two expeditions in the first decade of the twentieth century explored, charted and mapped areas of Antarctica such as the Antarctic…

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