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On this day in 1918

On 22 August, 1918, Alf Cheetham, veteran of Scott and Shackleton Antarctic expeditions, died aboard S.S. Prunelle when the ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat off Blyth in the North Sea.

Alf Cheetham & Tom Crean on the 'Endurance' expedition

           Alf Cheetham & Tom Crean

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On this day in 1939

On 19 August, 1939, Frank Wild, veteran of five Antarctic expeditions of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, died in South Africa.

Frank Wild

                              Frank Wild

Frank Wild was born in Skelton-in-Cleveland in north Yorkshire, England,…

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On this day in 1909

On 18 August, 1909, Shackleton wrote a letter to Emily, his wife, informing her that the Prime Minister, Herbert H. Asquith, had confirmed a parliamentary grant of £20,000 towards his debts and the cost of the Nimrod

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On This Day in 1796


On 16 August, 1796, Francis Crozier was born in Banbridge, Co. Down. He was a veteran polar scientist and explorer, being on five expeditions to the polar regions—north and south. He assumed command…

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