Come and learn how you too can become an excellent leader in your business.

Half day courses running every Friday from 1pm to 5pm starting on 24th January in Dún Laoghaire.

Background and Purpose
The Endurance Expedition of 1914 – 1917 tells an extraordinary story of determination, endurance, resilience and hope. Running through the whole story is the leadership qualities of one man: Ernst Shackleton. He was known as “the Boss”. It was to him that every man looked to for direction, leadership and hope when the conditions became life threatening.

Participant Outcomes: What this facilitated workshop sets out to achieve is to highlight the leadership skills, attributes and behaviours demonstrated by Shackleton at different stages of the expedition. The lessons can be learnt by anyone to incorporate them into their style. The challenge and opportunity is how to apply them to leadership to successfully make progress and manage challenges to our every day business lives.

Location: Shackleton Exhibition, Ferry Terminal, Dun Laoghaire & The Royal St. George Yacht Club. Dates & Time: Every Friday from 1pm to 5:30pm
Time Activity Action
12.55pm Check-in at Shackleton Exhibition -
1pm Introduction to the story of the Endurance Expedition and tour of the exhibition. Facilitor Opening
1:45pm Move to the Royal St. George Yacht Club – tea & coffee -
2pm Session 1: Paying Attention to the Leadership Lessons Team discussion
3:15pm Tea & Coffee Break -
3:30pm Five Attributes of Leadership; Theory to reality - Shackleton Style Facilitator
3:55pm Q&A -
4pm Session 2: Application to your Reality Team Discussion
5pm Session 3: So What Next - what you can do Team Discussion
5:30pm Thank you -
Price Options
Cost per person: €500
Maximum attendees: 30
Testimonial - UCD
"John took us on a journey following Ernest Shackleton's trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-1917. Shackleton's story was inspiring and moving and John's course was a great opportunity to explore the extraordinary leadership qualities that Shackleton displayed in an extremely challenging and gruelling situation. We considered what we might have done differently; we discussed the characteristics of great leaders and how those attributes could help us get through a crisis. Finally, we considered which leaders had influenced us in our own lives, how we personally dealt with a crisis and what changes we would make in our own lives so that we are better able to handle a crisis. I would thoroughly recommend this course."

For more information and rates please call John O'Reilly on 086-8523498.