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Bacterial Examination of Wounds. — C. Leva- diti (Presse medicalc, June 10, 100 Pure Acai Berry Capsules 1918) states Buy Acai Berry Power 500 there is no longer any doubt as to the importance of bacteriologic examination of war wounds as a guide to the indications and results of primary, primo- secondary, and secondary suturing. In the case of a primarily sutured wound the inoculations are made from a wick of silkworm gut strands placed in the centre of the wound before Purchase Acai Berry Power 500 suture. In What Is The Best Acai Berry Product wounds that are to be left open, the cultures are taken fifteen to twenty hovirs after the surgical cleansing procedures by means of a tampon on a metallic rod, placed in a sterile test tube. From this tampon are inoculated in succession an agar slant ; a Try Acai Berry Free tube of glucose agar (Veillon), and a tube containing two mils of bouillon and 0.2 mil of horse serum. With a fine pipette a second passage is made, beginning with the agar slant and glucose agar. Finally, a smear should always be made from a second tampon previously passed into all the wound recesses. This should be -Stained with Gram fuchsin. The results are re- Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best For Weight Loss corded after twenty Acai Berry Thin Uk hours' incubation on a special chart with separate columns for the bacterial species detected and the results of quantitative microscopic .study of the smear, the number of bacteria per field being noted. This quantitative examination, carried out every two or three days until suture is deemed opportune, supplies data for a bacterial curve and shows the precise moment Best Acai Berry Product of critical depuration of the wound. In a separate column the indications for suture are noted by the bacteriologist for the surgeon's information. Wounds with streptococci, primarily sutured, must be watched and the sutures cut in the event of marked general and local re- action ; if not yet sutured, they should be submitted to adequate treatment, preferably the Carrel pro- cedure, Acai Berry Seeds For Sale and left open until the cocci disappear or are sufficiently attenuated to permit of healing 4 Week Acai Berry Diet by first intention or almost complete closure. In wounds showing other germs, suture is in order unless the infection is very abundant, in which event they should remain open until the bacterial curve indicates the moment of critical depuration. August 31. 1918.] MODERN TREATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. 389 Ichthyol and Glycerin in Gunshot Wounds. — C. W. Duggan {Therapeutic Super Acai Berry 1200 Gaaette, June, 1918) asserts that while the much lauded watery anti- septics soon check suppuration, they leave the gran- ulations water logged — which necessitates astring- ents or a change of antiseptic — and delay healing. Glycerin places Acai Berry Trees For Sale wound surfaces in a much better condition for healing, while ichthyol markedly re- lieves the congestion of the surrounding skin pres- ent in the great majority of gunshot wounds. Duggan Top Rated Acai Berry Products uses ichthyol and glycerin in Acai Berry Free Trial Uk equal parts as Acai Berry Scams Uk long as there is suppuration, i. e., for three days, where foreign bodies have been removed, abscess cavities completely opened, and counteropenings made if sinuses exist. The concentration of ich- thyol is then reduced to twenty per Natural Acai Berry Diet cent. The com- bination is painted over the wound and surrounding skin with a camel's hair brush and then covered with antiseptic gauze, absorbent cotton, and a band- age. No impemieable dressing is used, as it delays healing. At the redressing on the next day, the surface is simply dried with a sterilized swab, and occasionally, pure alcohol is used. No drainage tubes are used. Cavities and sinuses are syringed Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam out with pure alcohol and painted with ichthyol and glycerin. Where the alcohol irritates, methylene blue, four What Is The Best Acai Berry Product For Weight Loss grains to the ounce, is added with good results. The method is asserted to avoid all risk of extension of sepsis and secondary hemorrhage ; septic absorption is checked ; the dressing does not adhere ; it does not irritate the wound ; frequent redressing is unnecessary, and the time in the hos- pital is greatly curtailed. Mud should be removed from the wounds with vaseline applied on sterile swabs. Ichthyol, alone or with glycerin is also recommended by Duggan in burns, whitlow, boils, carbimcles, vaccination conjunctivitis, gonorrhea, abscesses in general, external carcinoma and opera- tive wounds in tropical abscess of the liver and sup- purative appendicitis. Pyorrhoea Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best Alveolaris. — B. Kritchevsky and P. Scguin (Fresse medicale, May 13, 1918) report good results in sixty cases from Barton L. Wright's method of mercury succinimide injections. They noticed in the pyorrheal secretions numbers of large soirochetes, which generally disappeared almost completely as a result of the injections. This led them to sus])ect that the spirochetes might be of etiological importance, and even better therapeutic results secured by means of the organic arsenicals.

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