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time, a fresh paroxysm occurs, Aciclovir Tablets To Buy another like series Valaciclovir Vs Aciclovir of injections is made. Were this plan generally and systematically followed, most malarial cases would be rapidly and permanently cured. Among illustra- tive cases the author cites that of his own person. In 191 1, on the Niger, he had several attacks of fever and finally a grave bilious remittent condition. Injections of saline solution and of quinine, admin- istered by his Buy Aciclovir Online wife, saved his life. Subsequently he had Aciclovir Cold Sore Cream no more attacks of fever and led an ex- tremely active and fatiguing life. Ulnar Nerve Paralysis. — N. I. Spriggs and Astley V. Clarke (Lancet, June 8, 1918) points out that the condition of main-cn-griffe, so common Aciclovir Eye Ointment in ulnar paralysis, can be produced in the cadaver by simultaneous traction on the extensor and flexor tendons of the forearm, or in the living person by simultaneous electrical stimulation of these two groups of muscles. Under these conditions the forearm muscles are acting while the small muscles of the hand are not. If, under the conditions named, the tendon Aciclovir Tablets 800mg of one interosseus also be pulled upon the deformity does not result in that finger. If the interosseus tendon on each side of the finger be joined to that of the flexor sublimis just distally to where the latter splits, the fingers are given a useful prehensile power when the flexor tendon is pulled upon and the main-en-grijfe deformity is prevented. On the cadaver this operation is com- paratively easy and it is suggested that it be applied to correction of the deformity in cases of ulnar paralysis presenting the main-en-griff e. Intravenous Arsenobenzol Treatment Com- bined with Lumbar Puncture. — A. Aciclovir 800mg Tzanck and A. Bernard (Paris medical, May 11, 1918) deem all intraspinal injections of arsenobenzol unsafe, how- ever small the dose, in late syphilitic meningo- myelitis. Sicard having shown that such injections alter meningeal permeability, the reaction locally Aciclovir Cold Sore being such as to permit drugs introduced intraven- ously to pass through the pial carrier, the authors have been seeking to obtain the same meningeal perturbation and pial permeability by simple spinal aspiration by lumbar puncture, intravenous admin- istration of the arsenical being thus alone required. They give successive injections of 0.15, 0.3, 0.45, 0.6, 0.75, 0.9, 0.9, and 0.9 gram of neoarsenobenzol, each followed within five minutes by lumbar punct- ure. The amount of spinal fluid removed must always exceed ten mils, and the fluid obtained is used for cell numeration, albumin estimation, and the Wassermann reaction. The lumbar puncture regularly proved less disturbing to the patient than in cases with normal spinal fluid ; the patients wel- comed the punctures because Where To Buy Aciclovir they relieved their headaches. In some cases the combination of in- travenous injections and lumbar puncture alone re- lieved Buy Aciclovir the headache, cither measure practised inde- pendently failing to do so. Eleven cases were treated, including one of tabes, one of paresis, two of men- ingoniyelitis with arteritis and paralysis, one of Erb's syndrome, and seven of chronic syphilitic meningitis of various types. Pronounced improve- ment Aciclovir 5 Cream was noted in over two thirds of these cases, both serologically Aciclovir Tablets Buy Online Aciclovir Bp and symptomatically. Objective signs persisted, but the course of Aciclovir Cream Bp the disease was arrested. While less efficacious Aciclovir Tablets 200mg than intraspinal arsenical injections in menmg^tis cases of the sec- ondar}' stage, this treatment is the only safe pro- cedure where late organic involvement of the neuraxis is considered a fKJssibility. Senile Chorea. — Malford W. Thewlis (Medical Review of Reviezvs. July, 1918) says Buy Aciclovir Tablets that true senile chorea should be treated with arsenic. He prefers to give a tablet containing i/ioo grain of arsenic trioxide before each meal and at bedtime. Fowler's solution may be used in five minim doses three times a day, but it is essential to watch for the secondary effects of arsenic in the aged, as elimination is very slow and the drug is apt to have a cumulative action. To prevent this the bowels should be kept open by free catharsis. When symp- toms of poisoning appear, such as a puffiness of the lids and coryza, the arsenic should be discontinued for a few days. Ordinarily he discontinues the arsenic at the end of three weeks, replaces it with elixir of iron, quinine, and strychnine phosphates, a dram before each meal, and resumes the arsenic at the end of two Aciclovir Buy weeks. If nephritis is the cause of the condition it should be treated by dietary methods and free elimination through the emunc- tories. If the patient is robust a saline laxative may be prescribed each morning before breakfast, and electric cabinet Aciclovir Dispersible Tablets baths are beneficial. If he is physi- cally frail a pill should be used. Results of Blood Transfusion. — J. Rieux (Paris medical, May 4, 1918) reviews the subject of blood transfusion, as illuminated through general discussion at the recent Fourth Interallied Surgical Conference. He takes ui> first the rules for choos- ing donors, then the indications for transfusion, and later the various methods employed. The artery to vein method may Buy Aciclovir Tablets Uk now be considered ob- solete. Transfusion of pure blood from a re-

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