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ceptacle coated with paraffin, of citrated blood, or of preserved Purchase Aciphex Online blood, constitutes the prevailing pro- cediu'e, the preserved blood method being simplest of all, though not as yet definitely established. Transfu.sions in rather large series of cases yielded 77. 8 per cent, of recoveries in cases of hemorrhage or of hemorrhage with .shock; twenty-seven per cent, in cases of pure shock, Aciphex Tablets and 44.4 per cent, in cases of infection. Results from the three methods referred to — pure blood, citrated blood, and pre- served blood — have seemed practically the same, about three fourths of all cases of grave hemor- rhage being saved. The percentage of recoveries in the entire number of cases of different types under discussion, covering 150 transfusions, was sixty. This result is so gratifying that Tuffier has characterized the lack of attention paid until lately to blood transfusion as one of What Is Aciphex 20 Mg the gravest thera- peutic omissions since the beginning of the war. August 31, 1918.] MODERN TREATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. 391 Obstetrical Physiology and Delivery. — Aciphex Buy F. M. Aciphex Discount Card liorsley (Virginia Medical Monthly, May, 1918) believes the average confinement case is better de- liverer! in the dorsal than in the lateral posture. It is important to allow enough i'or the tissues to stretch; if need be, the presenting part should be held back Aciphex 40 Mg until gradual dilatation has made it safe for the child to be delivered. The head, when pro- truding should be strongly- pressed upward toward the symphysis to save the Aciphex Generic Available perineum. This may be done by placing the thumb on the one side of the perineum and the fingers on the other, covering the head as it begins to open the vulva about 2/2 inches. The prone position jjermits of better use of the ex- pulsive muscles and intraabdominal forces. Since the perineum is more quickly dilated in Aciphex Pi this posi- tion, the head can be kept by pressure from flexing too soon at expulsion and thereby preventing a larger diameter at the vaginal Aciphex Coupon Rebate outlet than would otherwise be presented. The author does not hesi- tate to make vaginal examinations when they seem needed. There often arises some obstruction to the passage of the fetus that can be relieved by manipu- lation and which might otherwise waste the strength of the mother and cause contusion at cer- tain points of the parturient canal, with consequent greater liability to infection. Failure of engage- ment in spite of thorough dilatation of the os is often remedied by Buy Cheap Aciphex rupture of the bag of waters. Again, a slightly excessive extension of the head causing delay ma}' be helped through counter pressure upon the brow. Similarly, any variation in the size or shape of the head or in the form of the pelvis may cause the head to bind at certain points and this difficulty may easily be overcome by manipulation. Simple Treatment of Scabies. — G. Milian \Paris medical. May 18, 1918) lays stress on the importance of scabies in war practice. He thinks two army corps may yield as many as 500 cases every month, thus removing a large force from active service and Aciphex Savings Card entailing great expense for treat- ment. The official course of treatment, be finds, is too complicated and is frequently misapplied by the attendants. The chief source of difficulty is that sulphur being insoluble, does nor penetrate the skin, yet must be brought in direct contact with the parasites if successful results are to be obtained. Milian's simplified treatment is based on the use of a soluble sulphur preparation, and this does away with the necessity not only of the preliminary rub- bing with soft soap and the hot bath, but also of the rubbing in of the sulphur itself, and even of the disinfection of the clothes — if When Will Aciphex Go Generic the patient can con- Generic Name For Aciphex tinue to wear the latter during the treatment. The ointment employed is made Aciphex Rebate Coupon by mixing 250 grams each of petrolatmn and wool fat, incorporating with them a solution of fifty grams of potassium jjolysulphide in 250 grams of water, Is There A Generic For Aciphex and adding five grams of zinc oxide and Aciphex Generic Equivalent 200 grams of liquid petrolatum. Buy Generic Aciphex The odor of this ointment persists only half an hour. The patient first rubs himself with soap in a sliower bath or takes an ordinary cleans- ing bath. The entire surface of the body, with the exception of the head, is then covered with the ointment Aciphex Generic Name and the patient dons Order Aciphex Online the same clothes he had on before. For greater certainty, a second in- unction may be carried out the next day. On the third day the body is well washed with soap to remove the ointment. The underwear is then changed and, if possible, also the sheets. The ointment is less irritating than those hitherto used

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