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somnolence, and frequently dizziness, headache, precordial anxiety, anorexia, coated tongue and con- stipation. In the painful group of cases, there is burning or epigastric tightness coming on immed- iately or one half to one hour after ingestion of food. The epigastrium is tender, but under radio- scopy the gastric area proper is painless. In the group of cases with vomiting, this symptom ranges from simple regurgitations one half to one hour after meals to copious vomiting immediately after each meal. Radioscopy revealed a normal form, position, mobility, contractility, and mode and dura- tion of evacuation of the stomach in three fourths of the 200 cases. Five cases, however, seemed to show gastric hypertonia and order actos forty-five, atonia. Of the latter, twenty-three were in actos online the actos 45 mg painful group. Gastric acidity was nearly always normal. The general condition was little influenced in the cases tlating back only two or three months, but later there were loss of weight, anemia, tachycardia, dizziness, etc. actos cost A prominent etiological feature was that nearly all the cases were in robust men, for the most part peasants, previously entirely free from gastric dis- turbances ; among city dwellers the tendency seemed rather toward relief from preexisting dyspepsia. The gastric price of actos neurosis sometimes had become estab- lished after a violent shock, as the bursting of a shell nearby; after a wound, actos tablets sometimes actos 15 mg slight; after typhoid or actos 30 mg paratyphoid fever or febrile gastroen- teritis; as a result of bad teeth, or after gas in- toxication. Placing these cases by treatment in a condition fit for return to the front proved a difficult matter. The only actos buy online possible way of restoring a con- siderable number to service appears to be to prepare cheap actos for each man a careful protocol of the results of the various clinical examinations undergone, to be presented to the various medical officers in whose hands he passes, including those at the front ; the generic for actos tendency toward undue leniency and unnecessary prolongation of hospital treatment could thus be eliminated. Alcoholism in China. — W. H. Park {China Medical Journal, May, 1918) says that alcoholic drinks are made and sold in immense quantities in China. Distilleries and breweries are found all over the country, and, in addition, the farmers make for themselves more alcoholic liquors than are probably made by farmers in any other country in the world. Drinking seems to be a universal habit, from the coolies upward. Farm laborers stipulate that they shall have so much liquor daily in addition to their wages. Business and professional men, merchants, doctors, priests, and officials, drink more than the coolies and laborers. Worst of all are the idle actos price rich. The possibility of alcoholism has to be kept in mind in ever}' important case needing treatment in China, regardless of age, sex, or condition in order actos online life. It may not be apparent at first sight, owing to the Chinese way of drinking and to the fact that many stop drinking before consulting a doctor, but it is present just the same. In taking histories we have to be on the alert else alcohol may never be mentioned. Otherwise generic actos inany cases will not be understood cost of actos and the diagnoses may be as unreliable as the histories given by the patients. The editor of the China Medical Journal com- menting on this article says that the assiunption that the Chinese are, and always have been, a very sober people, is not correct. In the second century a law existed which prohibited more than three persons from drinking together without special cause and license. Quotations from Chinese liter- ature show the same sentiments and songs shared bv topers all over the world. Hard drinking seems to be common in some parts of China, especially in the smaller places, but actos mg a drunken person is rarely seen on the streets of a Chinese city. In Shanghai, dur- ing 1917. there purchase actos online were only sixty-four arrests for drunkenness among a Chinese population of 644,580. According to Rodney Gilbert the Chinese drink as much as they can, but the fear of "losing face" acts as a deterrent to open drunkenness. It actos generic name is no impropriety to succumb to a great quantity of alcohol, in fact it is rather heroic, but one loses jirestige by succumbing to a little, and as the Chinese respond f|uickly to stimulants there are very few August 31, 1918.] MISCELLANY FROM buy cheap actos HOME AND FOREIGN JOURNALS. 393 successful topers among them. It is suggested thai in the keen struggle for existence families with a propensity to drunkenness have been weeded out, so that as a nation the Chinese may be more tem- perate than formerly. At any rate Western

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