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Nocturnal Enuresis and Adenoids. — A. M. Cal- deran ( Kcz'ista de Mcdicina y Cirugia Practicas, April 14, 1918) in reporting a case of nocturnal enuresis in a child of eleven years which resisted all medical treatment and was readily cured by removal of adenoids, draws attention to the common connec- tion between adenoids and incontinence of urine and the frequency with which this condition of the naso- pharynx is either overlooked or passed over as of no consequence. Alexin Deficit in Overwork. — H. Vincent (Frcise medicate, May 2, 1918J, in experiments on guineapigs, found that acute and prolonged ex- ertion causes a lowering, often marked, of the alexic power — complement — of the blood serum. This may account for the fact Alesse Discontinued that the resisting powers toward certain bacterial infections are greatly weakened during periods of exaggerated Alesse Vs Aviane and Alesse Generic Brand prolonged fatigue, when the serum has lost a large portion of its protective constituent. Early Leucocytic Modifications in Wound Cases. — Brodin and Saint-Girons Order Alesse Online {Presse medi- cate, May 2, 1918) state that in all cases of exten- sive wounds a marked leucocj'tosis rapidly arises. The differential count, moreover, is of prognostic significance. IVedominance of Alesse Acne the large mononu- clears over the lymphocytes and intermediate mono- nuclears taken together signifies a grave condition ; the converse constitutes a favorable indication, which is all Buy Alesse Online the more favorable as the lymphocytes and intermediate mononuclears predominate over the large mononuclears. Focal Necrosis of the Adrenal: with Remarks upon Acute Adrenal Insufficiency. — E. Mosch- cov\'itz, {Proceedings of Neiv York Pathological Society, October-December, 1917) describes two cases, the first occurring in a man Purchase Alesse forty-one years old. The most prominent symptoms were a subnormal temperature and slow respiration and pulse. Death followed three days after a nephrec- tomy for a pyonephrosis. Post Buy Alesse mortem examina- tion showed a number of sharply defined focal necroses scattered throughout the cortical zone of the right adrenal, with degeneration of cells, poly- nuclear infiltration, and moderate hemorrhage of the gland. Many of the capsular vessels were thrombosed, so that this thrombosis of the vessels may be a possible cause of the adrenal lesions. The second case was that of a child who had been sick for a long time with an abdominal ascites and chylu- ria. Autopsy examination showed bacterial emboli in Alesse 21 the spleen, pancreas, and kidney, and beneath the capsules of both adrenals, at places surrounded by a polynuclear infiltration. The patient had died from a streptococcemia of Alesse Price three days' duration. A re- view of the Alesse Generics literature showed that acute inflammator}' lesions in the adrenal were most common in some of the infectious diseases, as diphtheria, variola, typhoid, tetanus, pneumococcus infections, dysen- tery, and streptococcus infections. It may be ob- tained experimentally by Aviane Vs Alesse injections of some of the pathogenic bacteria. Moschcowitz calls attention to the various and conflicting symptoms that have been described under the clinical aspects of acute adrenal insufficiency, and states that they do not correspond to what is known of the physiology of the gland. Proceedings of National and Local Societies THE AMERICAN GYNECOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Forty-third Annual Meeting, Held in Philadelphia, May i6, i/, and i8, ipi8. The President, Dr. John G. Clark, Philadelphia, in Alesse For Acne the Chair. (Concluded from page J5<5.) Final Results of X Ray Treatment of Fibroids. — Dr. Joseph Brf-TTauer, ot New York city, in conclusion, formulated very Alesse And Acne briefly his views on the X ray Alesse Mg treatment of fibroids, i. At Alesse Cost an age below forty-five the x ray treatment for fibroids should not be the choice, but sliould be employed only when operative measures are not advisable or are refused. 2. Between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five, x ray treatment should -be the method of choice and no patient should be deprived of the right to un- dergo it. With an open cervix and a distinct diagnosis of the submucous development of a fib- roid, operative measures promise better results. Patients with relaxation and laceration of tlie gen- ital tract should be expected. These cause no symptoms while the uterus is large and above the Alesse Ocp pelvis, but when as a result of the treatment Alesse Vs Yaz the uterus becomes smaller and sinks down into Yaz Vs Alesse the pelvis, serious inconvenience is caused and operative

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