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interference becomes necessary for its belief. 3. Uterine hemorrhages due to fibroids in women be- yond the age of fifty-five should raise suspicion of sarcomatous degeneration and operative measures are preferable to any other form of treatment. The Use of Radium by the Gynecologist. — Dr. Curtis F. Burn.\m, of Alli Cost Baltimore, Md., stated that the basic principle Alli Canada underlying all radium treatment was that pathological tissues were in general more sensitive to radiation than normal tissues,, and that consequently it was possible with appropriate dose to destroy Coupons For Alli the former and leave the latter intact. The gamma rays of radium, which alone could be used for Alli For Sale therapeutic purposes, could not be focused Alli On Line and consequently were dispersed in the form of a sphere. Alli Shop This led to their rapid dilution inversely with the square of the distance. In addition there was an absorption Alli 120 of about eight per cent, per cm. in tissue. The absorption in tissue could not be helped. It was, however, possible to minimize the disjjersion factor by placing the source of radiation away from the surface and consequently Alli In Canada increasing the radium as well as the time of exposure. If the radium was placed two millimetres from the sur- face, at one cm. below the surface only 2.5 per cent, of the surface application was still present and : at five cm. only Alli On Sale 0.107 P^f cent, remained. But if the radium was placed twelve cm. above the sur- face, at one cm. below the surface seventy-eight per cent, of the surface radiation was still intact ; 1 at five cm. 35.8 per cent., and at nine cm. a little less than twenty per cent. Radiosensibility of tissue was extremely difficult to determine. Individuals varied immensely so far as normal tissues were concerned. Variations of tumors of the same type -were even more marked. The same tumor varied at dift'erent stages of its development. The single dose method was very valuable in giving us standards to work by, but the broken dose method at week intervals permitted of giving nearly twice the dose within six weeks, the time necessary to elapse between massive treat- ments. At a Coupon For Alli distance of 2.5 cm. from the skin a gram of radium on an applicator 2.5 cm. square filtered through two millimetres of lead would lead to an erythema in two hours and would cause a marked retrogression or cure of an epithelioma. One one thousandth of this dose might be effectual in de- stroying large masses of lymphosarcoma or of splenomyelogenous spleen tissue. Alli Sale Three or four times the dose, however, had to be given to destroy normal skin. Ovarian tissue was roughly ten times as easily injured as normal skin; the vaginal wall would tolerate four or five times the skin dose ; the rectal Alli Price mucosa as much -as the skin ; the mucous membrane Alli Coupons of the bladder certainly twice as much. The vaginal and cervical cancers were fully as sus- ceptible to treatment as skin Coupon Alli cancers, perhaps more so. The adenocarcinomas of the rectum as well as of the body of the uterus were decidedly more sus- ceptible than epithelioma. Uterine fibroid tissue was tremendously more susceptible than normal skin. The doses given were for massive radiation with at least six weeks' interval between treatments. They could not, as a rule, be repeated then without leading to more or less destructive effects on sur- rounding normal tissue. Effectual treatment could only be secured by careful preliminary determina- tion of the distances of all parts of the growth from the portals. Cross fire radiation should be em- ployed and Alli Prices normal tissues protected by Alli Ireland pushing the parts aside wherever possible and by metal screens. For radiation within the cervix, uterine cavity, and rectum, the radium emanation was enclosed in glass tubes, these Price Of Alli in metal tubes, and these in rub- ber tubes, securing a pure gamma radiation. The small growths of the bladder were best treated by direct application through a cystoscope. Extensive infiltrating bladder growths and some rectal cancers were best treated from without the body. A number of illustrative cases of cervical Alli Uk and vaginal cancers were discussed in detail. Appro- priate treatments for each were suggested. The injuries likely to result from overradiation, such as fistulTe and rectal ulcers, were described as were also the most effectual methods of guarding against them. Clinical Data on Chorioepithelioma. — Dr. Hiram N. V'ineberg, of New York City, said that chorioepithelioma occurred in two types, benign and malignant, but as yet there Alli Coupon were no recognizable histological differences between the two varieties. An endeavor should be made to make a diagnosis on clinical data, inasmuch as a curettage was at- tended with the risk of causing rapid and extensive metastases. Furthermore, a microscopic examina-

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