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390 PROCEEDINGS OF NATIONAL brand name for allopurinol AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. [Niw York Medical Journa tion allopurinol rxlist of the curetted material was not always de- cisive, and might even be misleading. For the present, not knowing the buy allopurinol online cause, we could have no means of prevention. But, as a possible safeguard, placental residue, when present, should be promptly removed, and in every case of hydatid molar preg- nancy, an anterior hysterotomy should be order allopurinol done for the double purpose of removing all the vesicles and exploring the entire inner wall of the uterus for any suspicious nodules or extra thinning of the wall at any one point. Once the diagnosis had been made, panhysterectomy was indicated, as we had no means of differentiating between the so called benign and the highly malignant cases. Cancer of the Cervix Complicating Triplet Pregnancy. — Dr. Benjamin P. Watson, of Toronto, Can., reported the allopurinol brand names following case : Pa- tient, aged thirty years, quintipara, pregnant. On ex- amination what is allopurinol 300 mg a large cauliflower carcinoma was found growing from the anterior lip of the vaginal portion of the cervix. allopurinol pharmacology The abdomen was opened, the uterus incised, and three live months' fetuses removed, and then three .separate placentas connected by mem- brane. A Wertheim operation was then proceeded with. The patient allopurinol online made a good recovery. He re- viewed the histories of other cases of cancer of the cervix complicating pregnancy. The Graduate t)egree in Obstetrics and Gsme- cology. — Dr. Jennings C. Litzenberg, of ^linne- apolis, Minn., stated that the Minnesota plan for graduate work in the medical specialties was new, but new only in its application to medicine. The plan simply applied the principles governing univer- sity graduate work in any other branch of advanced learning to the medical branches and placed them not only under the same principles, but actually in allopurinol generic name cost of allopurinol the graduate school of the university. The requirements for entry were a college degree, a medical degree, and a allopurinol uk thorough reading knowl- edge of French and German, and an internship of at least one year. The course extended over three years of work with a major and a minor, the same as candidates for other advanced degrees, and ex- aminations were, by graduate faculty. A thesis, which must be an original contributon to science, was required and must be defended. This led to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Obstetrics and Gynecology. A two years' course might lead to Master of Science. Withal it was a allopurinol tablets 100mg plan to raise to a high level the training of specialists. The Use of Dakin's Solution in Suppurative Conditions Within the Peritoneal Cavity. — Dr. Raitjcu R. Hui:;gins, of Pittsburgh, drew the fol- lowing conclusions: i. When Dakin's solution allopurinol 20 mg is brought in proper contact with an infected surface, it will destroy pus; if this does not happen, it is be- cause there is allopurinol iv some focus not reached by the solution or because of imperfect technic. 2. .\s a result of its use, there is rapid return of strength, and the postoperative course is more comfortable, and with less danger of secondary complications. 3. Any oiifensively smellins; discharge is destroyed almost immediately. starting allopurinol 4. It is contraindicated in the presence of an intestinal fistula. 5. That it may delay allopurinol cost the final healing by interfering with the normal gran- ulating process in some instances, may be true. Fur- ther observation is necessary to determine this tjuestion. Dystrophia adiposogenitalis in Women. — Dr. allopurinol 50 mg Edward A. allopurinol 150 mg Schumann, of Philadelphia, drew the following conclusions : The syndrome resulting from the effects of deficient pituitary secretion upon the female sexual system may properly be divided into three clinical groups, according to the se.x epoch affected. The terms amenorrhea of obesit\- and lac- tation atrophy or superinvolution of the uterus are no longer correct, since it seems reasonably well proven that both these conditions are but phases of a primary hypopituitarism. Definite regression of the reproductive tract may follow deficient pituitary secretion in parous women of mature age, and may and frequently does give rise to erroneous diagnosis of pregnancy. Treatment for all groups consists in general measures and the empirical use of glandu- lar extracts, the systolic blood pressure being a fair index of the particular gland substances allopurinol brand name to be em- ployed ; low pressure indicating pituitrin ; pres-

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