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Medical Journal. viridans. He was loathe to make purchase anafranil a diagnosis of viridans, as this could be said to be a constant in- habitant of the normal mouth, but upon using blood broth mediimi the sputum cultures showed absolutely pure growth of this organism. The clomipramine 50 mg colonies were typical, small, green, with a very slight zone of hemolysis which did not appear in blood broth cul- tures. In the types of cases with mixed infection there was a mortality of sixty per cent. Often there was streptococcus in the pleural fluid and pneu- mococcus in the sputum. In regard to sterile em- pyema, there was some confusion as to what was empyema and what simply pleural fluid. Empyema cases had pus cells in the fluid. Major E. P. Jocelin, M. R. C, said that of fifty- live patients operated upon, seven died. Opera- tions were by simple drainage and no ostectomies were done. Twenty patients died without opera- tion. In many cases several cavities were involved. Dr. RuFt's Cole remarked that from the epi- demiological view, rather than the viewpoint of com- plications of pneumonia, the streptococcus empyema was very different from the pneumococcus anafranil 150 infection. It was necessary to be anafranil 50 mg very accurate about inter- preting favorable results of any clomipramine anafranil procedure until con- siderable conclusive evidence had been obtained and until one could tell whether one was dealing with a frank streptococcus pneumonia or an empyema developing upon deep lobar pneumonia. Another important point was the necessity of cooperation between the surgeon and physician following opera- tion. The internist had not completed his whole duty clomipramine hydrochloride tablets when he had made a diagnosis of empyema and had turned over the case to the clomipramine 20mg surgeon. Experimental Hemochromatosis. — Dr. Peyton Rous made this presentation. The pigment seen in cirrhosis of the liver was stated to be derived from the blood. If the activity of the spleen and the liver could be overborne, the pigmentation could be controlled. It was sought to do this by order anafranil experiments on rabbits, which were known to be able to put away a very large quantity of alien blood. Rabbits were transfused and in three months there was found to be a considerable siderosis of the spleen and bone marrow, caused by the pigment hemosiderin. This was analogous to the deposits of hemosiderin in human hemochromatosis. In the human subject the hem.osiderin pigmentation might be secondary to the cirrhosis. The injury to the cheap anafranil pancreas in the cases caused death. The pectoral distribution of lesions in hemochromatosis indicated the influence of actinic ravs anafranil for ocd upon the ])igment. Hemosiderin Granules in Cells of the Urine : An Aid to the Diagnosis of Pernicious Anemia and Hemochromatosis. — The same speaker gave this paper, saying it was thought that hemosiderin might be found in the urine. In a soldier of forty-six years, with lesions of hemochromatosis, the diag- nosis between this disease and syphilis was doubtful. There was enlargement of the liver and spleen and anafranil 150 mg a peculiar gray pigmentation of the skin. The urine was found to contain considerable hemosiderin gran- ules. The patient died within three months with characteristic signs of hemochromatosis. It was also stated that in eight tenths of the cases of per- nicious anemia hemosiderin granules were found in the urine. Fresh urine should be used for the test. Dr. E. L. Opie, of St. Louis, Mo., said that the experiment did not explain the etiology of hemochro- matosis, but it did account for the pathology. In every essential it seemed clear that the disease had anafranil buy been reproduced by the experimental method. The disease was perhaps due to interstitial inflammation of the pancreas. The cirrhosis of the liver was probably secondary to accumulation of iron pigment in the cells. Dr. anafranil online W. TiLESTON, of New Haven, said that in a patient of sixty-seven years, with chronic jaundice he had found in the spleen and liver a hemosider- osis comparable with that shown by Doctor Rous. In this case, there was no cirrhosis of anafranil price the liver. Dr. P. Rous said that the animals had not been pushed far enough to get breaking down of the cells. They were now trying to keep the animals longer. The body was foimd to tolerate hemosider- osis to a remarkable degree, but in the human organism, in cirrhosis, the cells were not flooded with pigment as were those shown in the experi- ment. One must assume that the ocd anafranil liver was in some way prevented from destroying the blood pigment so that hemosiderin would accumulate in the clomipramine hydrochloride cells. Mould Infections. — Dr. C. P. Emerson, of Indi- anapolis spoke of a patient, a man of forty-eight years, who presented himself for treatment of tu- berculosis. He clomipramine 50mg had clomipramine tablets no toxic symptoms, no asthenia, anafranil buy online no secondary anemia. He stated that he had not been able to lie down to sleep for eleven years, on

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