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account of asthmatic attacks. The sputum culture showed aspergillus and was Purchase Aralen negative for tubercle bacilli, rhe x ray showed massive cirrhosis of the hylus of the lung. He was put on large' doses of potassium iodide and improved greatly, but the x ray still showed masses of scar tissue. Two other cases had occurred Purchase Aralen Online in one family at the same time. The Sporothrix Shankii was isolated, a parasite supposed to be derived from buckwheat. The infections had come on after the buckwheat crop. It was said among the population in Chloroquine Price the buckwheat raising countrv that those who worked among buckwheat plants were subject to chronic boils. This was clearly a mycosis infection. One woman showed lesions in which the pus had small black flecks, clearly sporothrix. Dr. W. W. Ford, of Baltimore, said he would like to confirm Doctor Emerson's observations in regard to buckwheat. In Northern Ohio, a buckwheat district, boils were extremely common. This had been interpreted as increased sensitiveness to the buckwheat poison. The boils did not have the ap- nearance of ordinary infections. No bacterial studies had been made so far as was known. The Rat and Infantile Paralysis. A Theory.— Dr. M. W. r-ficiiARDSON, of Boston, gave this, the second Buy Cheap Aralen communication, on the subject. The possi- bility of transmission of human poliomyelitis Chloroquine Aralen by means of the rat and the flea was considered. That direct human transmission was not likely was shown by the fact that a block adjacent to an infected block was frequently untouched. Cases occurred in the same house, but in diflferent families. Nothing but the rat and the flea could effect such conditions. A comparative study with bubonic nlague had been made. Great similarity was found in the phenomena. Rats were always noticed be- BOOK REVIEWS. Buy Chloroquine 399 fore Chloroquine Tablets the appearance of the plague, but it was not necessary to find the rats to prove the existence of the plague. Ihe question, "Does the rat suffer from paralysis ?'' Aralen Online had been answered. At the time of epidemics of infantile paralysis rats had been seen with paralyzed legs, and hardly able to move. Chil- dren who played with dead Aralen Tablets rats had been found to contract poliomyelitis within a short time. Since 1894, plague had become pandemic and had ex- tended all over the world. Aralen Cost Infantile paralysis had spread in about the same time. Rats Cost Of Chloroquine were tound to follow the grain traffic Aralen Phosphate and a connection between in- •fantile paralysis and grain traffic would have to be proved. In a very large number of rural epidemics the infections were found to start "at the mill." In plague, the flea curve preceded the plague curve by about ten days, and it was found that it also oc- curred with the poliomyelitis curve. Water fronts, usually infested with rats, were commonly centres of infection. There was also a disease of rabbits which carried off large numbers every six or seven years, and this was found coincident with the jX)lio- myelitis years. Another point was that in plague the lesion was apt to occur where the patient was What Is Chloroquine bitten, and in poliomyelitis the paralysis was most apt to occur in the lower limbs which would be the ones to be bitten by the flea. Major S. Flexner said he was very much inter- ested in the views of Doctor Richardson. The Chloroquine Buy aspect of the epidemiology had received Order Aralen Online consider- able attention, but the other aspects had also to be considered. The possibility of the reservoir of the virus was very evident to the men engaged in the study of the disease. It Buy Aralen very soon came to light that there were cases of animal paralysis coincident with the outbreaks. Animals had been studied by the experimental method to see if any evidence could be secured to indicate epidemics in the lower animals. I'aralytic disease of all kind?^of animals had been studied. Material had been used for inoc- ulation into monkeys, the only secure method for transmission of virus. The histological lesions in the man and the Buy Aralen Online monkey were very characteristic. Aralen Price It was supposed that the effects would be similar. Fhere was. however, no instance on record in which histological characteristics had been sufficient to compare the disease in animals with the disease in human beings, or in which inoculations could be successfully performed with the nervous tissues of animals on monkeys. Observers began early to use the reverse method. They tried domestic animals ; mice, rats, rabbits, guineapigs, calves, sheep, goats, ponies, and cattle. Thev had never succeeded in showing characteristic poliomyelitis in those animals. Inoculations could cause death in rabbits but there was no histological change in the nervous system. In 1916 a Order Aralen large number of rats were collected from infected districts in Brooklyn, in order to test out Doctor Richardson's views. It seemed a promisin- direction in which to search, for evidence. The

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