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nervous system of these animals was examine^' Inoculations into the nervous systems of monkeys were made with the material from rats. In no in- stance was monkev poliomyelitis produced. purchase arcoxia online The reverse method was then used. Active buy cheap arcoxia virus from monkeys was injected into rats to find out how long the virus survived in the nervous system. The tissue was then removed and put into monkeys to see if the virus survived. At the expiration of seven days the virus had appar- ently disappeared. It would seem that if the virus did not survive this length of time in the rat, that the rat could not act as a reservoir. One could not say that Doctor Richardson's theory was disproven. The rat might be the reservoir and the flea, under favorable circumstances, might carry the disease to human beings. Doctor Richardson said the diseased rats might be done away with, and the old rats would not be likely to have the etoricoxib msd disease. If there was arcoxia mg anything in the theory of rat transmission, it would appear in the trenches buy arcoxia online which were known to be overrun with rats. In one sector of the trenches eleven cases had been reported. This was an unusual number among adults. {To be purchase arcoxia continued.) Book Reviews. order arcoxia [IVe publish full lists of bootis received, but zve acknozvl- edge no obligation to reviciv them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, we review those in which we think our readers are likely to be interested.] . order arcoxia online J..cssons ftom the Encmv. Huw Germany Cares for Her etoricoxib 60 mg War Disabled. By John R. McDill, M. D., F. A. C. S., Maior, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. Philadel- phia and New York: Lea & Febiger, 1918. Pp. xiii-262. (Price, -SkSO.) Our medical officers are indeed fortunate in being able to profit by observation of service on both sides of the battle front. Dr. John R. McDill went to Germany as director of a hospital unit, arriving on June 17, 1916, where he was assigned to duty at Coblenz. Later, he served in dilYerent sections and received etoricoxib arcoxia specific permission to in- spect the sanitary system icllowed by the German army and 10 prepare manuscripts on this system for publication in the United arcoxia cost States. The Germans assert that through their system they have been able to return ninety-five per cent, of their wounded either to military duty or to self supporting civic or industrial usefulness. It is well for us to s^udy methods which have produced such satisfactory results, and we are fortunate in having such an excellent, clear, and concise exposition of these methods as is furnished in Doctor McDill's manual, which forms No. 5 in th.e valuable series of medical buy etoricoxib war manuals issued by Lea & Febiger. rhe Way Out of War. Notes on the Biology of the Sub- icct. By Robert T. Morbis, F. A. C. S. New York : Doubleday, Page & Co., 1918. Pp. vi-i66. War exists as a biological and social fact. Individual cells, organisms, and social arcoxia price groups are always in a state of war- fare with each other. All of this is not such destructive vvarfarc, however, as the modern form of it by arms, which is particularly directed to destruction and not merely to the elimination of what i^ useless and in the long run inimical. The latter is net so directly in the service of progress as is much of the inherent biological conflict in organic nature. More and more in modern times the de- structiveness of war has overbalanced any constructive and progressive effect arcoxia online it may formerly have had. Si:ch war demands preventive treatment, and this can onlv come about by etoricoxib tablets understanding the biological foundation of war. This includes al;o, generic arcoxia the writer believes, the grasp- ing of the fact that a too complex social development has not been paralleled by an equal alteration of the germinal inheritance of the race. War is then precipitated as a rem- edy for the existing state of things. It is then a result of decadence, not an essential function of the State. The prii!ciple of the senescence of protoplasm in nations or parts of nations buy arcoxia is involved in this. All this in the history 400 BIRTHS, arcoxia 90mg MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. [New York Medical Journa of arcoxia tablets these nations or groups must be taken into account, also the actual differences which exist among peoples, their

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