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biological development, and their diflerent channels of outlet and reaction. Only on such a fundamental basis of inherent factors can a real and enduring peace be made. The author's views are largely presented in mechanistic fashion, and he regards the greater difficulties which man has in keeping himself from this destructive warfare as dependent upon recent physical evolutionary development. His rising upon his hind legs threw him seriously out of balance. One is forced Order Trihexyphenidyl Online to question the sure foundation of such fantastic reasoning. Originality of expression and a direct stimulating grasp of thought presents much matter for further Order Trihexyphenidyl pondering. Conception and presentation form a bioad and sweeping background for the practical con- sideration of conditions which the war has so forced upon attention. The book lacks unity of treatment in its rapid passage from one to another of the many points of view from which the questions of peace and war are consid- ered. This unity is not essentially demanded in the short essay form in which the book is written, and yet it Artane 2 Mg exists in the general background upon which the theme is worked out. Medical Serincc at the Front. By Lieutenant Colonel John McCombe, C. A. M. C, and Captain A. F. Menzies, C. A. M. C. Philadelphia and New York : Lea & Feb'ger, rgi8. Pp. 128. (Price, $1.25.) Medical Scri'ice at the Front is the attractive title which has been given to a medical war manual by two officers in the Canadian Army Medical Corps, Lieutenant Colonel John McCombe and Captam A. F. Menzies. The manual 'sets forth clearly and in an easily comprehensible manner the organization of the army in the field and the Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online duties ofthe medical officer at the front. While the observations are made by a Canadian, the organization is the same as that followed throughout the British army. Our own medical officers will find this manual most informing and helpful. It is rather unfortunate, we think, that the ter- minology of the medical department of the British and the American armies differ, b\it the reader is warned a.gainst the differences which otherwise might lead to some con- fusion. For instance, what in our own army is spoken of Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online as the ."field hospital" is known in the British army as the "ambulance," the British using the term ambulance here v/ith the significance attached to it by the French, namely, that of a movable hospital. Notwithstanding these and other minor differences, the organizations of the British and American army are so nearly alike that our own of- ficers can study this interesting book with much profit. Alcohol: Its Action on the Human Organism. A Review by the Advisory Committee of the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic) ir. England. New York: Long- mans, Green & Co. Pp. Generic Artane x-133. This book is a report of the Advisory Committee of the Central Control Board (Liquor Traffic), appointed in Eng- land in 1916. Purchase Artane The report embodies a brief resume of the investigations and a succinct statement of the conclusions which this committee reached in regard to the physiologi- Purchase Trihexyphenidyl cal action of alcohol, especially the effects of its use in beverages of varying strength and constituency upon health and industrial efficiency. No clearer and more con- cise report of actual results of investigation has been pre- pared. Its aim is to present a purely physiolo.gical study, avoiding all partisan discussion based on prejudice and leaning as little as possible on subjective testimony. Therefore the facts which pertain to the use of alco- holic beverages are carefully examined and weighed in as straightforward a manner as possible. The Order Artane simple and convincin,g manner of the i-eport commends it for careful readinc. Wherever investigation must necessarily pro- ceed with some Order Artane Online uncertainty and unreliability of results this is carefully noted. The whole work bears the marks of a painstaking and fair:r.inded gathering of evidence, which then is thrown into the balance in the concluding summary, while the reading of the scale is left to those who would pursue the subject and take practical action in any way upon it. The report admirably fulfills its strictly limited purpose. Yet in spite of this there is much food for consideration summed up in these pages. The facts are often those not . popularly accepted. The work throws a clearer light upon the real Buy Trihexyphenidyl nature of the alcohol eft'ect, which is narcotic and never really stimulant. It discusses the influence upon the nervous system, the Purchase Artane Online action upon the digestive organs, the limited effect upon respiration and heart action, its mental eftect, and the reason for its widespread use. It points out Artane 1 Mg just to what degree it may be considered as a food, and whether its value as such is sufficient to offset accompanying deleterious action. It presents the differ- ence in effect of Artane Online the isolated indulgence and the repeated use of alcohol and the cumulative effect of frequently re- peated doses or portions. The book is of great value at the present time ; since without a well considered study Artane Tablets of facts no true judgment can be formed in regard to the value of Buy Artane alcoholic substances. Essentials of Dietetics for Nurses. By Maude A. Perry, B. Buy Cheap Artane S., Formerly Instructor in Dietetics at Michael Reese Hospital. Chicago; Red Cross Dietitian for Base Hos- pital Unit Buy Artane Online No. 14. St. Louis: C. V. Artane Price Mosby Company, 1918. Pp. 154. This book recommends itself tc both physicians and nurses, for its manner of presentation is concise, definite, and the subject matter has been well selected from the many things that might be said and which have been said on the subject

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