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402 OSBORNE: OVARY— CORPUS LUTEUM. [New York Medical Journa coarse ; in pituitary inftv.fficiency, if the thyroid is not also much disturbed, the skin is moist and soft, ^n both conditions, as just stated, there is likely to be amenorrhea. Thyroid disturbance Buy Cheap Atrovent is far more frequent, about eighty per cent, of all cases, in women that in men, and is often due to genital dis- turbance or to Generic Atrovent abnormalities in the female pelvic organs. The thyroid is typically a female gland, entering constantly into the woman's sexual Buy Aerovent life. Menstruation cannot properly occur without the activity of the thyroid. Too much thyroid secretion may cause profuse or too frequent menstruation. The thyroid hypersecretes at each inenstrual epoch and during pregnancy, and many of the disturb- ances of the menopause are due to too much or too little thyroid secretion. Too long continued or too much ovarian secretion probably causes increased sexual desire in women at all times, but especially Order Atrovent Online perhaps at the menopause, and at that time ovarian irritability, with disturbance of the thyroid gland, causes the vasomotor irregu- larities of this period. On the other hand, a too rapid loss of ovarian secretion may cause depression and melancholic conditions. The role of the thymus gland in female develop- ment is not known. This gland ceases its activities and atrophies at about the time of puberty, when the thyroid becomes more active and the full ovar- ian activity, with the development of corpora lutea, has occurred. Tt has been suggested that a too early loss of thymus secretion may allow a precocious puberty, with a diminished growth of the girl. The thymus seems to be engaged in calcium metabohsm, perhaps most Purchase Atrovent Online closely related to the growth of Buy Atrovent Online the bones. Too early menstruation may cause a coin- cident too early loss of calcium to the girl ; hence perhaps the stunted growth. X ray radiations may inhibit more or less com- pletely the activities of the ovaries, which may also be accomplished by destructive lesions, inflamma- tions, and growths in the ovaries. MENSTRUATION. While it is probable that one of the functions of the corpus lutcum is to cause menstruation, it cannot yet be declared just what determines the day and hour of the flow. Although a large amount of calcium, as well as other salts, is lost with such blood, still this blood does not coagulate. If uterine clots occur the bleeding is abnormal. Profuse or too Order Atrovent frequent menstruation causes too much loss of calcium as well as of other salts, and the bones, hair, teeth and nails suffer. Also much loss of calcium causes nervousness, loss of sleep, and great irritability. Calcium Buy Atrovent is a nerve sedative. Perhaps by such extra loss of calcium the parathyroid glands become affected, and for this reason alone the calcium salts are sedative. Too frequent pregnancies and too much ovarian secretion may cause too great a loss of calcium and consequent osteomalacia. During pregnancy the calcium normally Atrovent Online lost by the woman goes toward the needs of the Purchase Atrovent fetus, and if she has insufiicient for herself and the child, she has signs of its loss, viz., decaying teeth, irritability, and lack of strength. Feeding extra calcium may help her. After the child is born, the calcium goes into the milk, if the mother nurses the baby. When menstruation again begins, the milk secretion either ceases, or the milk becomes inferior in quality. Of course a too long lactation causes a drain on the mother, and an inferior milk, even if menstruation has not occurred. Women Cheap Atrovent castrated during menstrual life generally afid weight, not only because of the cessation of the loss of blood, but also because of the loss of ovarian secretion and of coincident lessening of the thyroid secretion, and perhaps of the pituitary secretion. If the thyroid hypersecretes for a time, there is no gain in weight. Normally, when men- struation ceases, the woman gains weight on ac- count of a normally diminished ovarian and thyroid secretion, and perhaps, also because of a dimin- ished pituitary secretion causing an increased car- bohydrate metabolism.

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