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struation is delayed, the pain in the breasts may continue for a longer time, but anything that has- tens menstruation will shorten or prevent the pain in the breasts ; hence some hormone of the ovary activates these glands, but without the stimulus of Coupon For Avelox pregnancy they return to the normal inactivity of the menstrual interim. If there Printable Avelox Coupon is pregnancy, Avelox 400mg Tablets the glands normally continue to grow in size and in activity. This has been thought to be Bayer Avelox due, at first, to corpus luteuin chemical stimulus and later to a placental Avelox Generic Name chemical stimulus. It would seem, how- ever, more harmoniously logical to believe that the ovary, whicli is apparently able to start the activity of the Avelox 400 Mg Dosage mammary glands, may continue to stimulate these glands throughout pregnancy, and until men- struation again begins, the more important function of the ovary, viz., ovulation, being temporarily in abeyance. However, according to Bell, the removal of both ovaries in pregnancy does not interfere with subsequent lactation. The glandular tissues of the breasts generally dimmish in size after the menopause, especially in women who have nursed children. In stout Avelox Generic Equivalent wo- men the fat enlargement will remain. Adenomatous cysts may disappear after double ovariotomy, though, on the other hand, apparently harmless cystic enlargements or adenomatous growths of the r.'ammary glands may rapidly develop into cancer after the menopause. Ihere also seems to be a reciprocal actioh of the mammary glands on the ovaries, as is so well known by lactating women Avelox Iv who often prolong their lacta- tation to prevent menstruation and hence the danger of another immediate pregnancy. If lactation is soon stopped, menstruation early occurs. Also, a profuse or too frequent menstruation, Avelox Strong Antibiotic when there is no pathological excuse, especially in young girls, may be corrected by feeding mammary extracts. Avelox 400 Mg Price The reflex stimulation of the breasts on the uterus is well known lo cause its better contraction after parturition, thus preventing hemorrhage. There- fore the child, after birth, is soon put to the breast. The uterus after parturition is thought to involute more rapidly when the woman nurses than when she does not suckle her child. SYMPTOMS OF OVARI.\N EXTIRPATION. The exact physiology, or pathology, of total re- moval of the ovaries depends upon the age of the individual at the time of the removal. It is rarely justifiable to remove both entire ovaries in the human Generic For Avelox female, and of course it is excessively rare that such an operation should be performed on a girl before ouberty. Most knowledge Avelox Online of early ex- tirpation is acquired by operating on animals. There is no question that the early removal of the ovaries causes the masculine type of development, with a Generic Avelox greater growth of the extremities. A later removal of the ovaries causes atrophy of the uterus, and may or may not cause abortion in a pregnant animal. There seems to be a great disturbance of the nu- trition, and especially of the chemical metabolism, after ovarian extirpation. More especially is there n Cheap Avelox diminished calcium excretion, and probably there IS a disturbance of the Avelox Generic chloride and phosphorus e(|uilibrium. Waste metabolism is less active, and the body puts on weight largely in fat, if the ex- tirpation is after puberty. Other endocrine glands are also disturbed by such extirpation, notably the thyroid. The thyroid may have its colloid content increased, but often it soon becomes less active, and ma]' even hyposecrete. In early extirpation of the ovaries the thymus has become enlarged and active, and the pituitary and suprarenal glands may become more active, to the production of a masculine appearance and mas- culine tendencies. If a small portion of an ovary, or if a supernum- erary ovary is left in the animal, there may be no signs of privation of this secretion, or, if at first such signs are in evidence, they may soon disappear. SYMPTOMS OF OVERSECRETION Avelox Antibiotic 400mg OF THE OVARIES. Excessive ovarian secretion (probably generally associated with increased thyroid secretion) causes increased sexuality, even to all kinds of sexual per- version. Simple increased secretion may make girls coquettish and constantly seek male companions. Even if there are no other symptoms of increased ovarian secretion except profuse menstruation, the boily loses an Buy Avelox excessive amount of lime and other salts, as well as blood, essential to the general Purchase Avelox welfare of nutrition and of the nervous system. Often this excessive menstruation and increased w a^te metabolism may be due Buy Avelox Online primarily to hyperthy- 404

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