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OSBORNE: OVARY— CORPUS LUTEUM. [New York Medical Journal. roidism. Excessive ovarian secretion in girls may lead to masturbation or may be caused by masturba- tion. It' may cause insanity, and the relation of the various internal gland disturbances to female in- sanity should be carefully studied. Removal of a diseased ovary or a diseased uterus has at times cured serious mental disturbances. Excessive ovarian activity, either de novo or from too frequent pregnancies may cause osteomalacia. Ovarian hypersecretion may also cause parathyroid disturbance (perhaps due to calcium shortage from a too great loss) and therefore more or less nervous svmptonis. Removal of one. or of one and a half ovaries, and feeding calcium may cure osteomal- acia. CORPUS LUTEUM. This small glandular structure was thus named by Malpighi. Although the corpus luteum is an in- tegral part of the ovary and should be considered as the most active part of that organ, it is often discussed as though it were a separate gland fur- nishing an internal secretion. Although it seems to be a mistake so to consider this body, still the corpus luteum has so many proved positive activities that these may be with profit described separately from the whole ovarian activity. This part of the ovary does not develop until puberty, i. e., until the girl menstruates, or at least until the ovule, Graafian follicle, ripens and Aygestin Cost rup- tures. Until puberty, the important necessary se- cretion of the ovaries seems to be elaborated by the interstitial cells. Though asserted, it has not been proved and is tirobably not a fact that the corpus luteum deter- mines or produces menstruation. It does, however, ■idem to furnish the hormone that sensitizes the uterus to make it ready for pregnancy and for the growth of the placenta. It is uncertain how much this gland, new at each epoch, has to do with sexual imoulses, sexual excitement, or sexual desire. The corpus luteum generally continues to grow for about two Buy Aygestin Online and one half weeks and then Buy Norethindrone Acetate progres- sively degenerates, Norethindrone Acetate Tablets provided conception has not oc- Buy Aygestin curred. If the female becomes pregnant, the Aygestin Tablets corpus luteum persists, at full activity apparently, for about two months and then begins to degenerate. Just what causes the degeneration of this body at this time is not known. It has been suggested that some hormone or activating substance is elaborated to cause the next Aygestin 5 Mg ovule to develop, rupture (ovulation) and the next corpus luteum to grow. In the later degenerating corpus luteum of pregnancy it has been suggested that this hormone was not furnished, and hence ovulation did not occur and new corpora lutea do not grow. Abnormal degeneration or disease of the corpus luteum seems to prevent the next menstruation, or at least an abnormal function of corpora lutea seems to cause irregular or abnormal menstruation. The resorption or degeneration of the corpus luteum of pregnancy, occurring about the middle or end of the third month, has been thought to be the cause of the cessation- of the Buy Cheap Aygestin nausea of pregnancy, i. e., Generic Aygestin the ab- sence for two months of this secretion Aygestin Price to which the mature woman is more or less constantly subject is a cause Aygestin 5mg of nausea. Hence it suggests itself to feed th'S gland for such nausea. Some therapeutic suc- cess has seemed to follow such treatment. It would, however, seem almost paradoxical that this enlarged gland is furnishing no secretion and only does its work when some hormones are released at the time of its degeneration. It should be noted that the surface study of an extirpated or exposed ovary showing an absence of corpora lutea does not preclude the possibility of these bodies being deeply seated in the structure of the gland. The part of these bodies that furnishes an important secretion is probably the lutein cellg; the so called paralutein cells may also furnish an important secretion. Anything that irritates the ovaries, either Aygestin Online an in- flammation in the ovarian tissue or an inflammation elsewhere in the pelvis, may cause hyperactivity of the ovaries, one or both, and excessive or too fre- quent menstruation. Later, by disease, or by over- tiring of the ovaries, a diminution of glandular

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