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GOLDFADER: MODERN TREATMENT OF SYPHILIS. [New York Medical Journal. covered over with new skin. It is best to continue the use of one of these salves until the infiltration has been absorbed. If the salvarsan treatment is adopted — and it is the only one to adopt — an in- jection should be given every five to seven days until six injections have been given. This should be followed by a series benoquin price of mercury injections or in- unctions, until a negative reaction has been obtained and maintained. In file sccoiidarv stage. — Give six to eight sal- varsan injections at intervals of five to seven days, followed by twelve to fifteen insoluble mercury injections or by tliirty to monobenzone benoquin forty soluble mercury in- jections buy benoquin online or inunctions. At the end of that course of treatment a blood test should be taken, and the same course of treatment should be repeated as often as necessarv until a negative Wassermann is obtained. Then the patient receives treatment for a period of four to six months and, if the Wasserman is still negative, treatment is suspended, but the patient is kept under observation. In the latent period. — In the course of syphilis a latent period, or one free from symptoms, represents merely a shorter or longer period of remission. A positive Wassermann reaction, indicative of latent syphilis, is an indication for careful examination, lumbar puncture and antisyphilitic treatment similar to that followed out in the secondary period. Suf- ficient treatment during the latent period will pre- vent dangerous and incurable conditions of the tertiars' period, particularlv involvement of the cen- tral nervous system. In the tertiary stage — (Excluding cerebrospinal cases). Treatment in these stages is similar to that in benoquin online the secondary stages. Courses of salvarsan an4 mercury with iodides are given. We meet from time to time cases which have been thoroughly treated with salvarsan and mercury for two to three years, and vet the positive Wassermann has not been converted into a negative. benoquin cream In those cases, if the patient is in benoquin 20 good health and is gaining weight and the spinal fluid examination is normal, it is better to desist from further treatment and keep the patient under observation. Patients cannot be considered as cured until the following requirements have been met benoquin cream for sale : i. Absence of all clinical svmptoms ; 2, continuation of treat- ment for four to six months after the first negative test, and a negative test at the end of that period of treatment ; 3, observation for another six buy benoquin months, and a negative test each month ; 4, a prov- ocative injection of salvarsan and blood tests, show- ing negative on the second, fifth, and seventh days afterward : 5, six months later a negative test ; 6, normal cerebrospinal fluid. THERAPY OF SYPHILIS. Salvarsan and its substitutes — diarsenol and ar- senobenzol^neosalvarsan and its substitutes — neo- diarsenol and novarsenobenzol — are the most effi- cient remedies in the modern treatment of syphilis. Notwithstanding the fact that the high hopes we had when salvarsan was first introduced to buy benoquin cream the profes- sion — that one injection of salvarsan would destroy every spirochete — hopes which were speedily shat- tered as soon as we started to use this drug, it would nevertheless appear that salvarsan and benoquin vitiligo neosalvarsan. or their benoquin cream 20 substitutes, are the most efficient remedies we have in the modern treatment of syphilis. By experience we know that there is no marked differ- ence in the therapeutic value of salvarsan and neo- salvarsan. The majority of the profession prefer the neosalvarsan because it is easier to administer — a smaller quantity of water can be used and the immediate efiFects are so much less trying physically than those caused by salvarsan. Neosalvarsan must be administered in larger doses than salvarsan, in the general ratio of 0.9 gramme of neosalvarsan benoquin monobenzone cream to 0.6 gramme of salvarsan. A course of four injec- tions of salvarsan is inadequate treatment. A course should consist of six to eight injections of salvarsan, or one of its substitutes, followed by the use of mercury and by iodides, if they are neces- sary. A series of salvarsans, not followed by mer- cury, produces few negative serum results ( i ) . Dose. — The dose to be employed and the fre- quency of administration should be determined by the stage of the disease and by the weight, age, vigor, and constitution of the patient. In the primary stage, when abortive treatment is desired,

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