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Intramuscular or subcutaneous injections of sal- varsan were formerly used, but are rarely used now on account of the intense and persistent pain they cause. They may be of use in obese patients where Purchase Biaxin it is impossible to give the drug intravenously. L. W. Harrison, C. F. White, and C. H. Mills (2) state that in a parallel series of cases treated by in- travenous and subcutaneous methods, the subcutan- eous or intramuscular method was distinctly more efincient than the intravenous in both primary and secondary stages, and that this method has the fol- lowing advantages over the intravenous: i. Since it is simpler of excution, it is more generally ap- plicable by the general practitioner. 2. The alarm- ing and unfavorable side actions are almost wholly absent. 3. Pain can be eliminated, or at least ameli- orated, by making a solution of 0.6 gramme in seven mils of four per cent, stovaine to which one mil of creocamph cream is added and the whole well shaken. Mercury. Biaxin CostAntibiotic Biaxin The former method of treating syphilis by the internal administration of mercury leaves much to be desired. Tabes and paresis occur almost exclusively in this class of patients. Patients who had taken mercury by mouth for Biaxin Order three to four years in the days before the Wassermann was discovered, and were clinically cured and discharged by their physicians, come back today with strongly positive reactions. As Keyes, Jr., says, "visceral syphilis, notably of the liver, heart, and aorta, is the heritage of the present generation Biaxin Antibiotics from the 'pill and potash' of the preceding one." Mercury is useful, when employed between courses of salvarsan for the pur- pose of preventing relapse of symptoms, and can be administered either intramuscularly or by Biaxin 500 inunc- tion. Intramuscularly either soluble or insoluble preparations of mercury are used. The soluble preparations in use are the bichloride and the binio- dide. They must be administered daily. The in- soluble preparations in use are the salicylate, gray Biaxin Xl oil, and Biaxin Price calomel. They Biaxin Xl 500 are administered every five to seven days. The injections are made with an ordinary hypo- dermic syringe or a specially constructed Got'theil syringe, using a needle two to Buy Biaxin two and a half inches long and with a thick bore. The mercury cream Biaxin Buy Online or suspension is thoroughly warmed and then shaken. If the patient is to receive the injection in the up- right position, let him stand on Antibiotics Biaxin one leg, while the leg which is to receive Order Biaxin the injection hangs free in order to relax the gluteal Cheap Biaxin muscles. In that way the medi- cine will not be forced into the fat and so cause a node. The skin is sterilized with tincture of iodine. The needle with the .syringe attached is thrust into the gluteal Biaxin 500mg muscles at a point either an inch above or below the top of the gluteal fold and from one to three inches from the median line, so as not to injure the sciatic nerve. The syringe is removed to make sure that a vein has not been penetrated. If blood oozes out through the needle, the needle is removed and another location used. Injections of mercury into the vein may cause a pulmonary embolus. Begin as a rule, with one grain of salicylate of mer- cury in males and one half grain Biaxin Online in females, and run it up just short of salivation. Injections should be given every five to seven days, using alternating sides. Treatment by inunctions of mercury is the oldest method of treating .syphilis. Each treatment should be preceded by a hot soap and water bath and an alcohol rub. The treatment consists in rubbing a definite quantity of blue ointment, or a substitute calomelol ointment, into a different part of the skin every night for a week and, then, after two such courses of treatment, allowing a jjeriod of rest. The ointment is rubbed into the skin until every part of greasiness has disappeared. This method is efficient, but is dirty, and irritates the skin ; and 4o8 GOLDFADER: MODERN TREATMENT OF SYPHILIS. [New York Medical Journal. the dose is uncertain. When a syphilitic under active treatment begins to lose Biaxin Xl 500mg weight, stop the mercury and put Biaxin 500 Mg the patient on tonics. While giv- ing a course of mercury injections, the urine should be tested for albumin and casts and, if they are present, treatment should be Biaxin Antibiotic suspended for one or two weeks. At the end of that time reexamine the urine. Iodides. — The iodides have no direct action in

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