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destroying the spirochetes, but they are of great help in removing infiltrations, gummata, and nodules. Their field of usefulness is therefore reserved for the latter part of the secondary stage, the latent period and. particularly, the tertiary stage. Usually a saturated solution is used, one minim of bimatoprost price distilled water representing one grain of the salt. order bimatoprost Begin with small doses and gradually increase the dose, watch- ing the effect on the patient. Hygiene. — The patient should be treated as bimatoprost synthesis well as the disease. It is a good plan to push all medi- cation in syphilis up to the point of tolerance ; but, if the patient does not stand up well under the routine, it is better to stop purchase bimatoprost online treatment for a week or two and put him on tonics, fresh air, and nourishing foods. TREATMENT OK CONGENITAL SYPHILIS. As soon as it is ascertained that a woman known to be luetic is pregnant, treatment should be in- stituted at once, combining salvarsan with mercury and iodides. When the baby is born, it is deter- mined as soon as possible by clinical and laboratory data, employing the Wassermann and luetic tests, whether or not he also is luetic. If the baby shows no clinical evidences and the laboratory findings are also negative, he is closely watched, and examina- tions made from time to time. If, on the other hand, clinical evidences and laboratory findings corroborate the diagnosis of lues, the treatment is begun immediatel^^ The mother and baby should be treated with salvarsan and mercury. Salvarsan is given intravenously in the same manner as to an adult. The accepted dose is .01 gram per kilogram of body weight. A satisfactory vein should be selected, either at the bend of the elbow or, in in- fants, the jugular vein, the veins of the scalp, or the longitudinal sinus through the fontanel. Mer- cury may be given by mouth, by inunctions, or in- tramuscularly. The drugs given by mouth are calomel in buy bimatoprost uk doses of 1/20 to i/io grain, three times dailv. gray powder, one half grain, three times daily, or bichloride of mercury, 1/200 to i/ioo grain, biniodide of merctu-y in the same dose. Usually mer- cury is given by inunctions. The blue ointment is diluted with two to three parts of vaseline. The dose used is ten to thirty grains increasing to the point bimatoprost cost of tolerance. This bimatoprost online is laid on the belly band and renewed with it. Injections of mercury should be employed in about one tenth of the adult dose. This dose may be doubled at the time of second dentition, trebled thereafter. In infantile syphilis the division into secondary and tertiary periods is not clearly defined, and the lesions peculiar to both periods may exist at the same time. For this rea- son, it may be necessarv to prescribe iodides early in the disease. The iodides mav be given in doses of one to two grains, three times daily, to an infant of six months to one year, and the syrup of iodide of iron in doses of three to bimatoprost canada six drops, three bimatoprost ophthalmic times daily, for the generic bimatoprost same ages. The duration of routine treatment in infancy should cover the first two to three years. CEREBROSPINAL SYPHILIS. There is little to be hoped from treatment in ad- order bimatoprost online vanced cases, hence the crying need for an early diagnosis. The buy bimatoprost online best treatment is the prophylactic — vigorous and lumigan bimatoprost thorough courses with salvarsan purchase bimatoprost and mercury. It has been learned that when salvarsan alone is used, neurorecurrences are apt to follow. According to Fordyce (3) twenty to twenty-five per cent, of all syphilitics are candidates for nerve syphilis. In general, the lesions due to inflamma- tion are much improved. By our treatment those due to degeneration aie but little improved. The results are buy cheap bimatoprost better in the tabetic than in the paretic patients. Some patients show improvement, especially those having symptoms due to exudation, by an intensive bimatoprost 0.03 course of treatment with salvarsan, mer- cury, and potassium iodide. Some patients, on the other hand, need intraspinal treatment with either salvarsanized or mercurialized serum. Many cases of tabetics improve vmder the intravenous injections of salvarsan and mercury bimatoprost uk alone, while others need intraspinal treatment in addition. In well developed cases of paresis we maj' improve the patient, but the ultimate hope of recovery is slight. Treatment to be efl'ective in paresis must be given in its earliest stage ; in cases of long standing it is useless. Cell destruction cannot be replaced. According to Evans and Thome (4) twenty- three victims of bimatoprost 0.01 paresis were subjected to intra- s])inal treatments with salvarsan, neosalvarsan and albuminate of mercury. Three patients showed mental and physical improvement ; ten died — four, during the course of the treatment, and six, several months after the treatments were discontinued ; ten are living and markedly cheap bimatoprost demented. I have seen Normal Sharpe. of New York, treat early cases of paresis by injections of solutions of salvarsan and blood serum into the lateral ventricles of the brain

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