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with fair results. His report of thirteen cases is as follows : Two of the patients died of paresis, one was unimproved by the only injection he received, another showed no improvement. The remaining nine showed decided improvement both serologically and clinically. Bernard Sachs (5), on the other hand, Cheap Bupropion believes that no case of general paresis has been cured Buy Bupron Sr by intraspinal injections of salvarsan. ?Ie claims that the changes in the spinal fluid fol- lowing intraspinal injections have also followed in- travenous injections, repeated lumbar punctures, and the introduction of the patient's nonsalvarsan- ized serum. Therefore, the only hope for improve- ment in cerebrospinal cases is in the early Purchase Bupropion Online diagnosis and persistent treatment of these cases. A patient's cerebrospinal fluid should be examined before dis- charging him. This examination should include a cell count, a test for globulin, colloidal gold Order Bupropion and a Wassermann ; for in many cases of cerebrospinal syphilis the blood Wassermann is negative. In treating a syphilitic, do not give a short course of intensive treatment, obtain a negative Wasser- mann and then stop treatment. If treatment is dis- continued at that time, the ^^'assermann will be- KUHN AND GLASS: VISCEROPTOSIS. 409 come positive in a few weeks or months. As in tuberculosis, the patient and the disease must be treated continuously until results are obtained. Our in.sane asylums are overcrowded, as the result of the former quick and early cures, and our clinics contain the remainder of the incapacitated victims of this insufficient and hasty treatment. Our aim should be to secure a negative Wassermann as early as possible and to keep it so. Then treatment should be continued for several months thereafter, and the condition of the blood should be examined by reasonably frequent blood tests to determine whether the negative reaction remained unal- tered. The duration of treatment is still a question of opinion. Formerly, Bupropion Online under mercury alone, the dura- tion was set down as two Buy Bupropion and a half years, but, today, we can be less definite in our statement. The patient should be under treatment and observation for at least three years. Following this limit of three years, the patient should still be under ob- servation for twO' to three years, and have Wasser- mann tests made every three or four months. Those cases which remain negative are the hopeful ones, Purchase Bupropion wliile a relapse may be looked for in those in which the serum reaction returns Bupron Sr Tablets to positive. REFERENCES. 1. TRIMBLE: Journal of the American Medical Association. 2. L. W. HARRISON: British Medical Journal. May 5, 1917. .^. FOR- DYCE: Journal of Cutaneous Diseases, October, 191 6. 4. EVANS and THORNE: New York Medical Journal, September 8, 1917. 5. BERNARD SACHS: Journal of the American Medical Associa- 123 Reid Avenue, Brooklyn. VISCEROPTOSIS: ITS Order Bupropion Online DIAGNOSTIC IMPORTANCE. By I. Russel Kuhn, A. B., M. D., Fallsbnrgh, N. Y.. AND Jacob Glass, M. D., New York. One of the most prevalent of gastrointestinal diseases is visceroptosis. Though it is essen- tialh' a disorder of the alimentary tract, the effect on the nervous system is most marked ; in fact, often the e.xtreme nervousness of the pa- tient far overshadows the visceral symptoms. The causes are many, the most common being loss of weight and pregnancy. The symptoms are very varied. There is no condition of the gastrointestinal diseases which visceroptosis cannot simulate. The Buy Cheap Bupropion most fre- quent source of error is the diagnosis of gastric idcer or gallstones. Frequent complaints are made of pains in the abdomen which may occur at any particular time. Nausea is a common Buy Bupropion Online symptom, though vomiting is unusual. Head- ache, loss of appetite, Generic Bupropion and loss of weight are very frequent symptoms. Eructations, which may or may not be sour, and constipation also occur. Of great importance is the nervous instability of

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