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these patients. They are extremely irritable, sleep poorly, complain frequently of extreme diz- ziness, and palpitation of the heart. This affection is most common among women. Physical examination reveals a fairly obese per- son. The abdominal wall is flabby, and there is tenderness all over the abdomen, much does buspar cost without insurance usually on deep palpation. The cecum is frequently palpable, as are the kidneys. Gurgling sounds are heard as a rule. Scars, the result of appendectomies or cholecystectomies, or what not, are of very fre- buspar generic buspirone quent occurrence. Of greatest interest is the large number of use- less operations performed who makes generic buspar upon this class of pa- tients. It seems that as many buspar 15 mg types of opera- tions have been performed as there have been varied diagnoses made, with no improvement and often an exaggeration of the condition. A few case histories, perhaps, may be illustra- tive of the points in question : Case I. — J. G., female, aged thirty-six years. The chief complaint buspar 15 mg twice day was distress, distention and belching immedi- buspar 10mg high ately after each meal. The past history was negative. The appetite was poor, and bowels costive. At times the patient had palpitation of the heart. Present illness. — About two years ago patient first com- plained of distress after eating, distention and heartburn. Went from phyF.ician to physician with slight relief. In August, 1917, patient again experienced pains and above symptoms were renewed. Has never vomited. Bowels have been costive. Pains start in epigastrium, radiate to back; for 45 mg buspar these, the patient formerly took bicarbonate of soda, which afforded relief. Pains have no relation to average cost buspar meals. Physical examination showed a fairly well nour- ished woman. Heart buspar 10 mg three times day and lungs negative. Blood pressure, systolic 130, diastolic 80. Abdomen on inspection showed numerous striae. Palpation revealed a soft buspar 15 mg high abdominal wall with tenderness in epigastric and left hypochondriac regions. Gurgling sounds were frequent. The liver was not enlarged, spleen was not palpable. Left kidney not felt, right do you need a prescription for buspar kidney palpable, slight tenderness in right costo- vertebral angle. E.Ktremities — Reflexes very active. Rontgenoscopy showed ptosis and hypotonia of the stomach. An examination of blood, urine, and stool were all normal. The condition had been diagnosed by one physician as chronic appendicitis, and by another as cho- lecystitis. She was told repeatedly that only operative measures could effect a cure. buspar available generic A diagnosis of visceroptosis was made and we instituted treatment accordingly. She was discharged cured. Case H.— Mrs W., aged thirty-eight years. The chief complaint buspar 10mg tab was weakness, pain in the back and buspar generic problems palpitation of the heart for a number of years. She had been very weak for the past two months. Past illness was nega- tive as to present condition. Patient had had an opera- tion seven years ago for prolapsed uterus. Appetite has been poor and bowels costive. Frequent palpitations of heart, menses scant, dysmenorrhea, slight leucorrhea. The buspar cost australia patient sleeps fairly well, but dreams considerably; has frequent flushes of face. Present illness : Patient has had pain in the back for a number of years and weakness where can i buy buspar online for past two months. Is awakened almost nightly with acute pain across lower abdomen ; pain does not radiate, there is no vomiting, al- though at times a feeling of distention and of pressure which rises upward. No urinary trouble. No headaches. Physical examination reveals a well nourished woman, tongue somewhat coated, seven teeth capped, heart and lungs normal. Abdomen shows a median scar extending from epigastrium to about two inches above pubes. The abdominal wall is very flabby, no masses are felt, but there is epigastric tenderness on deep palpation ; the colon is very easily palpated as well as both kidneys. Liver is not enlarged and spleen not palpable. Kneejerks are not over active. Vaginal examination negative. Mrs. W. was advised operation for nephropexy as the only means of relief. She was suffering as a result of visceroptosis. Treatment was begun. After four weeks she was very much improved. Case III. — L. W. P.. aged thirty years. The patient had buspar 10mg pills had nervousness and pain in stomach for past- six months. Had lost from thirty to thirty-five pounds in past year. Past history negative. Present Illness. — For past six months patient has com- plained of pain and tenderness in epigastric region. No generic buspar price 4IO KUHN buspar 30 mg high AND GLASS: I'lSCEROI'TOSIS. [New York

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