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Medicai. Journal. vomiting — fell bloated and belched considerably, which afforded her relief. She sleeps well, the appetite is good and l)Owels regular. Physical examination reveals a fairly well nourished woman. Heart and lungs normal. Ab- dominal examination shows a tiabby abdominal wall, no felt nor muscular rigidity, but tenderness in epi- gastric and both lumbar regions. No costovertebral ten- derness. Right kidney palpable, left not. Urine and stool analyses were negative. Blood examination showed a slight secondary anemia. An x ray examination revealed ptosis and a moderate degree of atony of the stomach. An examination of the stomach contents showed hyper- acidity, free acid, sixty-five, total acid, eighty. A diagnosis of gastric ulcer bad been made. Treatment had been instituted accordingly, with Cardura E10p poor results. Treat- ment outlined below Cardura 1 Mg for visceroptosis effected a marked improvement. C.^SE IV. — Cardura 6 Mg F. K., female, married, aged thirty-three years. Chief complaint, vomiting and dizziness for past hve years. Had lost sixty pounds in two and one-half years. Past illness negative. Appendectomy two years ago. Present Illness. — Five years ago patient began to Cardura Online vomit and felt bloated. Complained of acid eructations, was constipated, never vomited blood, nor had acute abdominal pains, but had epigastric distress. The pains then did not radiate, but now at times they radiate around to the right shoulder. Pain and vomiting have no definite relation to meals. Appetite has always been fair. Hemoptysis five years ago. The patient has palpitation of the heart fre- quently Urinary history normal, Cardura Generic Name menses irregular during past six months, but there is no dysmenorrhea or leucor- rhea. Symptoms have steadily increased. Physical exam- ination reveals a poorly nourished woman, extremely ir- ritalile and nervous. Conjunctiva pale, Cardura Bph throat congested, tongue Cardura Vs Flomax coated. Chest — Apices depressed, poor expansion, fremitus increased over left base, hyperresonant in left apex, dull posteriorly in left base. Auscultation reveals bronchovesicular breathing in right infraclavicular region Cardura Classification and in both bases. Heart normal. Blood pressure, sys- tolic no, diastolic 65. Abdomen shows a fiabby abdomi- nal wall, with scar in right inguinal region (appendec- tomy). No masses are felt, but there is tenderness in epigastric region and extreme tenderness in right costo- vertebral angle. Left kidney is palpable, also the cecum Liver and spleen not enlarged. Knee jerks markedly over- active. Appendix Order Cardura had been removed two years ago, but no relief had been afforded. An examination of her urine and stool was negative. A blood examination showed a slight secondary anemia. A Wassermann was negative. A gastric analysis showed seventy-five, free acid, ninety, total ; no blood. A report of her x ray examination, given by Dr. I. W. Held, shows an arrested tuberculosis of Cardura 10 Mg the right lung with pleurodiaphragmatic adhesions and a very high de- gree of enteroptosis. Two years ago, the patient was told that symptoms were due entirely to an inflamed appendix. The appendix Buy Cardura Online was removed, but after a few weeks, symp- toms were renewed in exaggerated form. Patient went from physician to physician and was finally told that she bad a gastric ulcer. Being too weak for an operation, she was advised to regain some of her health in a sani- tarium in preparation for a gastroenterostomy. A diag- nosis was made of visceroptosis. Cheap Cardura Treatment was insti- tuted accordingly Cardura E10 and in several months she was dis- charged cured. C.\S7i V. — M. \V., female, aged thirty years. The chief complaint was nervousness, vomiting, and loss of weight Cardura E10p Msds for past three years. Past illness negative. Operations — appendectomy and cholecysteconiy four years ago. Appe- tite was good and bowels regular. Palpitation of heart was frequent. Urinary history norma! ; dysmenorrhea and severe headache during menstrual period. Present Illness. — Four years ago had sudden pain in right side. A physician was called and a diagnosis of appendicitis was made — appendix was "frozen." Felt well for six months when again stricken Cardura N10 with cramplike pains and was sent immediately to the hospital. Appendectomy was performed. Patient was afforded very Flomax Vs Cardura little relief. Purchase Cardura She began to have spells of weakness, belched consider- ably, and, abdomen Cardura For Bph was much distended. Eructations at times were sour. There was no abdominal pain, vomit- ing, or blood in the stools. Constipation became marked and tliere uere frequent severe headaches. Condition would come on with no relation to meals. The pressure upward would cause a feeling of constriction around chest. There was no history of jaundice. Being afforded no relief by the removal of her appendix, she again con- sulted a physician and was referred to a surgeon. He advised an operation six months ago, and a cholecystec- tomy was done. Patient was relieved for two months when symptoms again returned. Physical examination reveals a well nourished woman, tongue coated white, a number of teeth capped, heart and chest normal. The abdomen shows a longitudinal scar extending from right hypochondrium to right Cardura Tablets lumbar re- gion. There is a flabby abdominal wall, moderate ten-

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