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♦ Paper Bridgeport, the Fairfield County Medical Association, 412 HERTZBERG: CLINICAL CONGRESS WEEK. [New York Medical Journa bleeding vessel itself order celexa line is carefully caught and tied as soon as possible. Clamps are only left on the tissue that is to be removed, and insistence is made, that in the past, many a recoverable case was lost by too strenuous a use of artery clamps. Speed that sacrificed safety and did careless and rough work, has been replaced by slower but more careful work, work based on anatomical knowledge. Wherever possible, known main branches of ves- sels are isolated and clamped before cutting them, order celexa without rx instead of cutting first and tying after the loss of \ considerable celexa discount card blood. The tendency in modern celexa manufacturer discount program surgery is not so nuich to a successful or brilliant operative procedure, often followed by a dead patient, but rather to a more careful and searching attack on the pathological condition, carried out with the mini- buy celexa 40 mg mum of trauma to the surrounding tissue. This is giving lower mortality rates and fewer postopera- tive complications. Chicago has forty-seven hospitals, and it is obviously impossible for one man to buy celexa canada visit them all in one short week, but, from hearing other men's views oi the hospitals that I could not visit, I came to the conclusion that they all conformed to one standard and that an celexa prices us exceptionally good one. Any number of celexa price comparison operations were performed every day during congress week, these operations running the gamut of all surgical procedures, old and modern. DR. A. D. BEVAN's CLINIC. The first clinic that I attended was generic celexa vs celexa that of Dr. A. D. Bevan, professor of surgery. Rush Medical College. The clinic order celexa was held at the Presbyterian Hospital. Radical amputation of the buy celexa breast. — Doctor Bevan demonstrated a practically bloodless method of radical amputation of the breast. The buy cheap celexa incision follows the lower border of the pectoralis major from the humerus across the breast in a broad curve. Another incision starts at the first incision about where the pectoral tendon becomes diffuse and sweeps across the breast in curve to lower point of first incision. Skin and fat vessels are carefully clamped by assistants. Skin is dissected forward to sternum and backward to serratus magnus. The axilla which was opened by first incision is now cleaned out from above downward, celexa cost without insurance and especial at- tention is given to fat about the order celexa online axillary order celexa online no prescription vein. The._ whole mass of glands and fat is stripped down and" left attached to the pectoral fascia. The lower and outer border of the pectoral major is now isolated, two sharp tenacula are placed into this border, and strong traction is made by the assistant pulling the muscle, breast and all, toward the sternum. With one sweep of the hand the space between chest wall and pectoralis is entered and widened until sternum is reached, then upward to the clavicle. Here the branches of the acromiothoracic vessels are clamped .nnd tied as they come through the costocoracoid membrane. These are the only order celexa canada vessels that need be tied in this part of the operation. The sweep of the hand under the pectoralis is now carried to the humerus, the hand grasps the tendon about order celexa no prescription an inch from insertion, and the tendon is then squarely cut across. A rapid knife cut then frees the pectoral fascia from the clavicle by a downward stroke from the sternum, and then the whole mass, of skin. breast, discount celexa pectoral fascia, and pectoralis major, comes away together. The pectoralis minor may be in- cluded in this removal by including this muscle celexa generic cost in the strip])ing process. The operation performed in this way is clean, rapid, radical, and with j^racti- caliy no loss of blood. It can be performed in less time than it takes to describe it. With two as- sistants operation can be done in fifteen minutes. Esophageal stricture. — Doctor Sippey, Doctor Revan's associate, presented a number of cases of esophageal stricture. The progress of the cases was demonstrated by x ray plates. Doctor Sippey has

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