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eral layers of toweling. The advantage of this method is obvious, but of course can be carried out only by an operator of large experience with a thoroughly competent and trained team, for the operation must be completed within a narrow limit of time. The stomach of all thyroidectomy patients is washed out after opera- tion with water at a temperature of 105° F. This lessens the hyperthyroid sequelae. Doctor Percy performed the next operation for a large rectocele. A transverse incision was made across the perineum between the vagina and the anus. A careful dissection between the rectum and vagina was made until the upper limit of the recto- cele had been passed. The margins of the levator cipro 250 mg ani, which now showed in the depth of the wound, were brought together in midline, and sewed cipro price with kangaroo tendon. The wound was closed in the buy cheap cipro axis oi the vagina. This cures not only the recto- cele, but also the lacerated perineum. Elastic stocking for leg ulcer. — Doctor Percy then price of cipro showed his method of applying a perfectly fitting elastic stocking. Instead of keeping these leg ulcer cases in the hospital for weeks at cost to the hospital and loss of time to the patient, they keep them only long enough to clean up the ulcer, then buying cipro online this elastic stocking is applied and the patients are allowed to return to work. The cipro cheap ulcer will heal under the stocking. The stocking is of cipro online great value in the varicosities antedating delivery. All that is neces- sary are several gauze bandages and a mixture of four parts sheet cipro order gelatin, four parts zinc oxide powder, ten cipro 250 parts glycerin, ten parts water. The gelatin is dissolved in the water and glycerin, and the zinc oxide stirred in until a thick white paint is obtained. The mixture must be kept warm. Now put the gauze bandage loosely on the leg, and with an ordinary brush, have the nurse paint the bandage freely with the mixture as the bandage is being applied. Six or eight layers make a perfectly fitting and elastic stocking. When dry rulj the stocking with talcum powder, otherwise it is rather sticky. Any discharges from the ulcer are carried purchase cipro online through the stocking by the hygroscopic action of the glycerin, and the ulcer is said to remain clean and dry. They have placed and replaced hundreds of these stockings in the last five years at a great buy cipro online sav- ing to their hospital and with universal good result to the patient. Lane phthtg on fractured purchase cipro femur. — Doctor Percy cipro cost then did a Lane plating on a fractured femur in which the frag^ients overrode an inch. His technic was even more perfect and rigid than that of Sir Arbuthnot Lane, whom I saw do this same opera- tion in London. The direct from sterilizer to operator method of instrument sterilizing was car- ried out, and nothing but an instrument came near the wound, not even the gloved finger. The sutures were all tied by clamps. It was clean, cost of cipro rapid, ad- mirable work. Long willows or hickory strips, such as are used to make baskets, are used by him in applying plaster casts. They have the advantage over ordinary coaptation splints, in that they are long and can be molded accurately over the curves of the pelvis and leg. Ochsner operation for femoral hernia. — Doctor Ochsner now did his well known operation for femoral hernia. He says "The more scientific you are in the operation for femoral hernia, the worse your results are going to be." They get no recur- ences of their femoral hernia cases and they have done thousands. He cuts down on the hernial sac, opens it, ligates it as high up as possible, cuts it off, drops the stump, and sews up the skin. It cipro 250mg takes him about fifteen minutes from start to finish. If it works in hands not so skilled as Ochsner's, it removes the bane of hernia operations, for I think wc all buy cipro have mastered the operation for inguinal hernia. Percy method of blood transfusion. — Next was a demonstration of blood cipro online pharmacy transfusion by a method devised by Doctor Percy himself. He has con- structed a large glass tube holding 500 c. c. This tube is drawn out at one end to a fine point. The other end has a connection for a bulb syringe. Some paraffn is cipro 500mg melted inside the tube and the v^fhole inside of tube coated with it. About an ounce of liquid albolene is placed in the tube. The two patients ate prepared by opening a vein in each as in an infusion, the end of the warmed tube cipro hc is pushed into the vein of the donor, and the tube fills with blood, the Iif|uid albolene in the tube float- ing on top of the blood ; thus no air or glass comes 41- HERTZRERG: CLINICAL CONGRESS WEEK.

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