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Hyperacidity for 3 AUdig.lShrs All dig. 7 hrs glandg involved. Enteroptos is and dilatation. J dig. 6 hrs. Coreg 40 Mg Va dig. hrs.|Stomach symptoms for several months, begin n i ng 12-14 mos. ago. Recov- ered from this. Comes for Coreg 80 Mg stomach and lungs. Incipi- ent tuberculosis. Lower border stom- ach Coreg Cr 10 Mg below navel. Stomach symptoms symptoms Coreg 20 Mg for 3 yrs. Has coughed 4 mos. Simple chr. gastri- i tis. Complete, 20 Stomach symptoms 8 mos. ago. Cough began 7 mos. Coreg Cr 40 Mg ago. Greater curvat u r e above umbi ileus. Fibrin used Coreg Er in dig. tests. Stomach low Coreg Cr 20 Mg and large. Complete. Order Coreg 24 Epigastric Coreg 2.125 Mg pain af- hrs, ter Coreg 10 Mg meals. Belching month. % hr. Complete, 15 ^.Imost all dig Coreg Cr Generic 24 Coreg Cr 40 hrs. Almost all dig. 24 Generic Coreg Cr hrs. *NoTE.— P. V. or Peptic Value i.s the squ , Cheap Coreg of niett tubes dissolved Other results ar Coreg Cr 80 Mg Group II.— Intermediate Cases. I Temp, Coreg Generic Name of I Day Before. Is Coreg A Beta Blocker Temp, of Day Coreg 18.75 Mg of Coreg Cr 20 Meal. Kind of Meal. §1 to Q 3 a ui'

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