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RETROPHARYNGEAL ABSCESS. M'^ith a Report of Three Cases. By John J. Levbarg, M. D., New York, Assistant Laryngologist, Polyclinic Hospital; Adjunct Visiting Otologist and Laryngologist to the Beth David Hospital. In this condition a collection Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin of pus is situated either well up in the nasopharynx and behind the soft palate, or very low down, Rosuvastatin Calcium and if not discovered this pus niav borrow further down and involve the cervical structures. This condition is most frequent in infants in the winter, as diseases of the nose and throat are then most common and it occurs mostly in the simple form, i. e., the lymphatics are involved. In adults usually the cellular tissues are at fault. The simple form is a suppurative in- flammation of the lymphatic glands lying in front of the cervical vertebrae and it usually occurs in infants of tuberculous or syphilitic parents. It may follow an attack of influenza, measles, or scarlatina. Order Crestor In children our attention may not be called until pus is well formed and there are symptoms of severe dyspnea, regurgitation of food, and choking ; in others the symptoms may begin insidiously, the condition looking more like a chronic abscess. The diagnosis is usually made on inspection by the bulging or the asymmetry of the pharyngeal wall, or by fluctuation on palpation. If left alone an acute process will run a few days and discharge spontaneously. This is dangerous as some of the pus may get into the lungs and cause a pneumonia. C.^SE I. — Baby, A, Buy Cheap Crestor L., Italian, four months Crestor Mg old (breast baby). Mother stated that the baby had been crying for the past ei.!^ht days, that the cry was harsh in tone and Crestor Cost the resonance nasal in character, and that the child Purchase Crestor could not nurse proptrly, A physician Order Crestor Online was called in and Crestor Price upon ex- amination diagnosed it as teething, with slight bronchitis, but still the baby failed to improve. The child's parents consulted three other physicians, who made the same diag- nosis. The mother, seeing no improvement, brought the child over What Is Rosuvastatin to the children's department of the Beth David Hospital, and Crestor Tablets Dr. F. Shapiro referred her to me for ex- amination cf the child's ears. Examination of the ears was Rosuvastatin 10 Mg negative, but on inspection of the throat I found a bright red asymmetry of the pharyngeal structures and upon pal- pation felt distinct fluctuation. I advised operation, and 4i8 POHLY: NASOPHARYNGEAL Purchase Crestor Online POLYPI. [New York Medical Journa upon a free incision obtained a profuse, greenish, fetid pus. Tlie next day I found child greatly improved and mother informed me that child slept quietly and nursed more freely. Child fully recovered. Case II. — Girl, F. C, two years old, examined by me at her home. Buy Crestor Online Upon examination found baby croupy, and it seemed to me that it was a simple case of diphtheritic croup. I injected units of antitoxin. Next day showed no improvement. Advised hospital, and child was admitted to the New York Throat Hospital, and I asked the doctor in charge to watch for retropharangeal abscess. The next day I was advised by the doctor that child had developed an abscess and would be operated that day. After incision, child showed very little improvement ; the condition was becoming worse instead of better. It was Rosuvastatin 10 then advised that the child should be intubated, and with Cheap Crestor the permission of the New York Buy Crestor Throat Hospital I took the child immediately to the Willard Parker. Instead of intubating. Doctor Dixon found an abscess deep Crestor Online and low down, and with a good incision evacuated pus. Child recovered. Case III. — Girl, three year? old, Italian. Upon inspection a bulging tumor was found on the pharyngeal wall. This had been Generic Crestor increasing in size slowly for the past six months. Child had a slight temperature at night, perspired a good deal, and was very anemic in appearance. A sister, nine- teen years old, died of tuberculosis. Father and mother were alive and healthy. Examination of blood was nega- tive. Case was referred for tubercular abscess to Hospital for the Crippled and Ruptured. 1423 Madison Avenue. NASOPHARYNGEAL POLYPI. By Albert E. Pohly, M. D..

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