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3. The results were the same with solutions con- taining trypsin and 0.5 per cent, sodium carbonate solution. 4. Tetanus antitoxin in 0.2 per cent, hydrochloric a^id was completely destroyed in three or more days. During this time no significant chemical changes in the proteins were detected. 5. In neutral solutions pepsin did not affect the aniitoxin. 6. In pepsin-hydrochloric acid, proteolysis and antitoxin destruction proceed simultaneously. Medicine and Surgery in the Army and Navy MOBILIZING THE SPAS AND HEALTH RESORTS OF OUR NATION* By N. Philip Norman, M. D., Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Captain, Medical Resctve Corps, U. S. Arniv; Examiner in Neuro- psychiatry, U. S. Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth. This country faces a medical problem, in com- plexity, magnitude and seriousness, never before encountered in its history. That problem is the efficient disposition of its soldiers who have become incapacitated because of surgical, medical, neurologi- cal and mental diseases engendered by and incident to the extraordinary stress and strife of this war. To solve this problem, the following plan has been outlined in the July, 1917, issue of Mental Hygiene, by Major Pearce Bailey, M. R. C, U. S. Army, chairman of the \\'ar Work Committee for Mental Hygiene. It is proposed to keep only cytotec cheap soldiers suf- cytotec on line fering from ailments that will soon react to treat- ment and who can be returned to their organizations in a short time, in the overseas hospitals. It is ob- vious that it would be impracticable to maintain large base hospitals and special hospitals overseas because cytotec 200 mcg of where to buy cytotec the difficulty of buying cytotec transporting adequate facilities for their construction and maintenance, and of supplying purchase cytotec the extensive medical and nursing care necessary. Therefore, it is planned to trans- port home the majority of the afflicted. These cases will be received in a special depot at the jxirt of de- barkation and there will be diagnostically classified by an buy cheap cytotec examining board composed of specialists. After definitely establishing a diagnosis, cytotec buy online this board will refer cases to the distributing board which will either discharge those adjudged physically or men- tally unfit for further service or refer suitable cases to general hospitals, special hospitals, convalescent camps, and reeducation centres for treatment. After the cytotec 200mcg necessary treatment and observation, buy cytotec they will finally be surveyed by the board of review, which will effect the ultimate disposition of all cases. We are realizing that our successful evoltition in this conflict depends upon the proper understanding and application of "efficiency." The present day conception of efficiency constitutes the excellence of disposition of problems and the conservation of assets, potential or kinetic, for the further dynamic evolution of the individual, the online pharmacy cytotec institution, the cytotec 400 mg state and the nation. This being true in the cytotec mg efficient dis- posal of the cytotec cost incapacitated we cytotec 200 mg solve a portion of the problem of requisite hospital facilities in a most ex- cellent way by utilizing our well organized cytotec order and equipped spas and health resorts, so best converting our potential assets into kinetic assets for the good of the individual, the institution, the state, and the nation. For the efficient treatment of the incapacitated our specialization nuist have no confines. online cytotec Orthodox treatment musfnot satisfy our therapeutic needs. At cytotec price hest, orthodox medicine is inadequate to cope with diseases promulgated by the stress, strife and dra- iiorder cytotec online after having reached, that we intensify and amplify the special forms of treatment that heretofore have been avail- able only to the wealthy because of their expense, and intimately known only to those members of the profession who, by reason of their scientific attain- ments, treat that fortunate class of patients demand- ing supertherapeutic resourcefulness for the relief

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