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and cure of their varied ailments. This article suggests that the Order Cytoxan nation mobilize these institutions and utilize them for the good of the in- capacitated. It is obvious that great sums of money would be saved if these institutions were drafted into the service of constructive restoration of the incapacitated. To build special hospitals that would be as comfortable, well equipped and organized as the existing institutions would require time, expense and unnecessary effort. The sites of predilection for Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide such institutions are Cytoxan Adriamycin occupied by institutions hereinafter named. Why, then, build and organize new institutions that will be practically worthless to the nation after the war? That these spas and health resorts are efficiently organized and managed is attested to by the fact that they have flourished in past years in active competition with European spas. That their thera- peutic principles are based on sound physiological fundamentals is admitted by anyone whose know- ledge justifies an opinion on the subject ; that their therapeutic efficacy is established is attested by their reputation which is in direct proportion to results effected. In selecting hospital bases from the num- ber of available spas and health resorts, several fac- tors must be taken into consideration. The chief ones are briefly: i, equipment for si>ecial work; 2, natural resources, commendable Cytoxan Oral for special work ; 3, capacity ; 4, kind of special work or class of pa- tients best treated at each place ; 5, proximity to the port of debarkation ; 6, accessibility to the port of debarkation ; 7, elevation ; 8, climatic conditions. In this article, we classify Cytoxan Generic as spas institutions having a natural mineral water for bathing pur- poses ; as Buy Cytoxan Online Taxotere Cytoxan health resorts, those places Cytoxan Tablets having drink- ing waters, desirable geographical location and suit- able Cytoxan And equipment, using artificial or plain water for bathing purposes. Therefore, the following institu- tions are designated as spas: i. The Glen Springs, Watkins, N. Y. ; 2, The Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, N. Y. ; 3, White Sulphur Springs, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. ; 4, The Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Va. ; 5, The Hot Adriamycin And Cytoxan Springs, Hot Springs, Ark. ; 6, Mount Clemens, Mich. ; 7, French Lick Springs, French Lick, Ind. And the following are designated as health re- sorts : I, Jackson Health Resort, Danville, N. Y. Oral Cytoxan ; 2, Adriamycin Cytoxan Clifton Springs, N. Y.; 3, The Hotel Chamberlain, Old Point Comfort, Va. ; 4, Asheville. N. C. ; S. Aiken, S. C. To avoid useless repetition, discussion of feature treatments will be given and other treatments noted 420 MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMY AND NAVY. [New York Medical Journ SO as to gfive an idea of equipment and facilities for treating other conditions tliat may complicate the primary condition treated by feature treatments. For example, under the heading of The Glen Springs, the Nauheim technic and indications for carbonated Cytoxan And Taxotere brine bath therapy are discussed. Sara- toga Springs, because it has a like therapeutic use- fulness and because of its richly carbonated waters, merits the remaining discussion of the Nauheim method — the physiological Cytoxan And Adriamycin action. These two places feature the same treatment and the discussion is divided so that it may not appear that favoritism is shown. The mineral water of the Glen Springs con- tains the chief chemical constituents and a strong radioactivity with a weak saturation of carbon di- oxide gas ; the waters of Saratoga are strongly sat- urated with carbon dioxide gas and are radio- active but are weak in the essential chemical con- stituents. Discussion of physiological action may be said to be too lengthy ; but the readers' pardon is begged, the author attempting to clarify the con- ceptions of some few to the extent that the idea of mystery or empiricism, usually linked with Cytoxan Taxotere hydro- Iv Cytoxan therapy, may be obviated by explaining the physi- ology of the bath in question. Criticism has Taxotere And Cytoxan been Cyclophosphamide Cytoxan avoided as far as possible and the little that had of necessity to be mentioned, is more explanatory than Buy Cytoxan critical. THE GLEN SPRINGS, WATKINS, N. Y. The Glen Springs is situated at Watkins, N. Y., at the head of Seneca Lake. It is located in a park that consists of more than lOO acres of woodland and lawn. There are miles of shady and well built

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