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MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMY AND NAVY. 421 sure, urine, blood, polygraphic tracings in some cases and functional Buy Diamox tests to determine the amount of reserve possessed by the myocardium. It is Purchase Diamox not in the province of this article to discuss Generic Diamox Iv Diamox in detail the indications and contraindications of this treat- ment, or to Diamox Tablets describe in minutiae how indicatory or contradictory conclusions are Tablet Diamox evolved. For the benefit of those interested, reference is made to an article by the Diamox 125 Mg author in the March 23 Diamox Buy and 30, 1918, issues of the Nlw York Medical Journal, where this method is Diamox Acetazolamide described in detail. Briefly, the conditions for which the Nauheini treatment is adapted, are as follows : I. Myocardial weakness and circulatory dis- orders incident to chronic valvular heart disease in which a failure of compensation is threatened ; selected cases of cardiac dilatation and hyper- trophy from various causes ; the pseudoanginas, whether of psychoneurotic or endocrine origin; cases of true angina in which there is not excessive myocardial and vascular degeneration ; the so called toxic hearts ; conditions underlying disorders of the heart beat manifested by rapid and irregular heart beats, sinus irregularities, paroxysmal tachy- cardias, premature contractions, auricular fibrilla- tion; derangement of arterial tension; arterio- sclerosis and Diamox 500mg other degenerations incident to age, strain and stress. 2. Secondary cardiac involve- ment: following acute infections such as typhoid fever, influenza, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, rheumatic fever, and pneumonia; following severe hemor- rhages or surgical operations ; accompanying consti- tutional diseases, as the so called chronic rheuma- tisms, the anemias and the diseases of the endocrine system. 3, Functional nervous diseases with so- matic expression of cardiac and circulatory dysfunc- tion, usually secondary to an endocrine disturbance ; the vagotonias and sympatheticotonias- The general effect of this form of treatment upon suitable cases may be summed up as follows : a diminution in the size of the heart ; a permanent strengthening of the heart muscle (the baths being essentially a circulatory gymnastic) : sometimes the disappearance of a murmur ; slowing of the pulse, increasing systolic phase ; equilibration Order Diamox Online of blood supply, thereby regulating blood pressure and in- creasing the nourishment and functional activity of the various organs, depleting the congestion of in- ternal organs and decreasing the relative ischemic condition of the skin, due to spasticity of the super- ficial blood vessels ; a diuretic action and a sedative effect upon the nervous system. file technic constitutes at times a preliminary course of treatment so as to prepare a case under observation for the baths. The baths are given in tubs and range in duration from four to twenty minutes and Diamox Generic in temperature from Acetazolamide Diamox 99° F. to 78° F. There are five Order Diamox series of baths. The first, or pre- liminary, series is a noncarbonated brine bath about eight minutes in duration and at about 98° F. to 99°^"- The other four series are carbonated, the degree of carbonation increasing with the number of baths given, excepting in some cases of pro- nounced arteriosclerosis in which a palliative effect is the objective. ■ The temperature decreases as the carlionation and brine strength increase. After Buy Cheap Diamox the bath the patient is required to rest for one hour in a quiet room and is instructed to sleep, if possible. It is the custom to give these baths in the morning. The afternoons are devoted to accessory measures Diamox Sequels 500 Mg such as electrotherapy, massage, the Diamox 500 various rubs and exercises and eliminative treatments. In the severer Purchase Diamox Online cases, it is advisable that after- treatment be taken following the Nauheim treat- ment for the purpose of building up the general strength so as to fit the patient for the resumption of his duties and occupation. This consists mainly of a Diamox Mg carefully regulated diet, graduated exercise, eliminative hydrotherapy and mental hygiene. To my mind, there is no place in this country that rivals the efficacy of The Glen Springs in the treatment of selected cases of circulatory and car- diac disorders. Its method of treatment has been evolved from years of observation and experience. As long as this institution has been established, it always has featured this treatment for the above named disorders. There is but one other place in this country possessing natural advantages for the treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, that being Saratoga Springs at Saratoga, N. Y. This is now under the supervision of the State of New

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