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ternal congestion. The effect upon blood pressure, however, may be varied in accordance Dilantin 30 Mg with tem- jieiatures, Dilantin 1 G the colder the bath Dilantin 125 and the milder the degree of Dilantin 130 Mg carbonation, the greater the cardiac stim- ulation, and the arterial tension, of course, is rela- tive. It seems apropos at this time to mention the part that sodium and calcium chloride play in the physiol- ogy of a Nauheim bath. That the success of Nau- heim therapy is due to these two salts and carbonic aciu gas saturation is admitted by Dilantin 230 Mg any one whose observations have been intelligent enough to justify an opinion on the subject. The salts aid very much in keeping a bath at a uniform temperature. They, especially calcium chloride, produce a decided rube- facient action on the skin with dilatation of the superficial capillaries and arterioles. They pene- trate the superficial layers of the epidermis and continue the rubefacient effect for some time after the bath. Dilantin 500 Mg That the natural mineral water, with the proper con.stituents in solution, is superior to the artificial bath is explainable when one devotes time to acquaint one's self with the physiological action of radium emanation on the human organ- ism. The Nauheim method of Glen Springs is followed in a general way at Saratoga, including the accessory measures, excepting details as per- taining to the method developed at this spa to meet Dilantin 150 Mg existing conditions. Tiierefore, reinarks concern- ing technic, etc.. will be limited to the other dis- orders benefited at this spa. Three bath houses are maintained Dilantin 400 Mg by the State and are well equipped with adequate appliances for the various baths and accessory measures. Here is to be found a feature treatment in the way of car- bon dioxide baths, Dilantin Ex Dilantin 250 Mg especially used for the treatment of rheumatism and allied conditions. The func- tional nervous disorders derive Dilantin 330 Mg much relief and much Cheap Dilantin benefit from the carbonic acid gas baths. The patients live in hotels nearby and report to the bath houses at appointed times for treatment. Of course, this is disadvantageous, especially during tlie winter season and in inclement weather. Another dis- advantage Dilantin Xr is that patients are not under the im- mediate care of their physicians at all times and facilities for close observation and supervision are ••endered difficult unless the physicians have their offices in the bath houses. In the institutional plan, patients are colonized and this facilitates the observation of bath reac- tions. There, from observations of reactions to a treatment, the next bath prescription is determined as to strength, duration, temperature and in- terval. Dietary supervision is obviously impossible under this plan and too many of us know the mania of patients for breaking diet rules and limitations. However, Dilantin 50 Mg under military control a great many of these disadvantages could be obviated, and we must not discount the value of Saratoga, one of the national assets, because of these disadvantages. This state reservation, with its many springs of therapeutic value in the treatment of conditions that are most unsatisfactorily treated by orthodox meas- ures, deserves earnest consideration as a potential national asset. With its ample hotel facilities that could be remodelled to suit requirements and its accessibility to the most important ports of the At- lantic seaboard, thousands could be well housed and treated at this spa. The approximate capacity at the present time is 5,000. The bath houses will accommodate an average of 100 to 150 patients an liour. The average elevation is 325 feet, and the annual mean temperature is 48° F. (To be continued.) MEDICAL NOTES FROM THE FRONT. By Cil-vrles Greene Dilantin 600 Mg Cumston, M. D., Geneva, Switzerland, Privat-docent at the University of Geneva; Fellow Too Much Dilantin of the Royal Society of Medicine Dilantin Pharmacology of London, etc. Dilantin 350 Mg B.XCTERIOLOGY OF GAS GANGRENE. Not long since, the Italian physician G. de An- gelis carried out some very instructive researches on the microbic flora of gas gangrene. These re- searches included ten cases of this infectious pro- cess, seven of them being considered genuine ex- amples of the disease ; the remaining three were looked upon as false gas gangrene. The latter offered a particular type of suppurative process with the development of gas. The results of these researches may be summed up briefly as follows: Besides gas gangrene in the true sense of Dilantin 200 Mg the word, there are other forms characterized by the presence of suppurating or necrosing foci, of local- ized extent, and having a, relatively mild evolution without tendency to diffusion. The bacterial flora

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