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the example of other nations in this matter and make some provision for the utilization of the thousands of intelligent and devoted women who would gladly give their services in the army hos- pitals but who could not be induced to undertake a three year course of training looking toward qualification as a professional trained nurse. The program laid out by the Surgeon General is an excellent one as far as it goes. We need army training schools for nurses, but we must go fur- ther than Where Can I Buy Elimite this and avail ourselves of the services of the women who do not care to enter the pro- fessional training school, whether that school be in the civilian hospital or in the hospital under military discipHne. We must also find a place — there is none Elimite Otc provided yet — for the large number of so called practical nurses who now perform such valuable services in home nursing and many of whom have already sought in vain to enter the army medical service, being barred liy a lack of the prescribed training school diploma. MONOTONY AND HEALTH. The word "lugubrious" applied to the present war by some prominent English writers is espe- cially appropriate, and its lugubriousness is due chiefly to its monotony. It is for this reason that so much must be Generic Elimite done to break this inter- minable succession of splashes of trench mud, explosions Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite of shells, rain of bullets, and recuper- ation in camp. Elimite Lice The time spent in camp is the most monotonous part to the soldier, or would be without the efforts being made to keep him amused. Never were these efforts so needed and never did they play such a role in maintain- ing the health of the troops. War is a business which has for its Elimite Generic object the sundering of soul and body — to use Elimite Cost the old and unavoidable terminology. It is the business of medicine to cement body and soul, and the more closely they are associated, the more of health is present. The war is helping to dissi- pate old views of life and to make clearer the oneness of the human organism, its body mind- edness or its mind embodiedness, as we may care to consider it. As was carefully pointed out by the speakers at the association meeting in Chicago, there' is nothing Buy Elimite Cream new in the Elimite For Lice abnormal Elimite Price conditions met with in the men at the front, and much of the abnor- mal is begot of monotony of the daily experience. We at home should remember that very much of the abnormal in ordinary life is also due to mo- notony, and it Elimite Cream Otc is the business of the physician and nurse to combat these in domestic life as much as in the army. We all need a change, and often when we are ailing it is Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream all we do need. Perhaps cyclic phenomena in human conduct, such as periodic alcoholism, are the result of nothing more Elimite Cream Scabies than the unbearable craving for a decided change, and some other experience might be sulistituted for the spree.. Nor does this principle apply solely to what we are pleased to term mental ailments. How often the sick room is lacking in change : the Permethrin Elimite Cream bed is kept in Elimite Or Kwell the same spot, the objects in the room are never shifted, old subjects of conversation are worn threadbare, etc. How often the visit of the phvsician is a source of the utmost help solely 428 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [New York Medical Jovrnal. because it breaks the monotony of the day. Per- haps it is as a breaker of monotony that the doc- tor does most good, and certainly his success Elimite Cream Over The Counter is much to be measured by his ability as, Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite shall we say, a variety artist. Variety is more Permethrin Elimite than the spice of life, it is a vitamine of healthy existence. AdETABOLISM IN NERVOUS TISSUES. Although muscle and liver are perhaps the most potent elements in the general metabolism of the body, all tissues, of course, have a share in it. Up to very recently Elimite 5 Cream brain and nerve tissue were thought to play most insignificant parts in metabolic processes. Nevertheless, various sub-

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