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stances have been endep 50mg recommended as brain foods on the assumption that the brain had a special affinity for them, and that they stimulated growth of brain tissue. Cephalin, endep 10mg lecithin, nuclein, phos- phorus, fatty acids, etc., have been generic endep among the substances recommended. It is true that these substances are prominent constituents of nervous tissue, but there is as yet little clinical or physio- logical warrant for supposing that the ingestion of buy endep online these substances can influence growth or activity of nervous tissues. Data on the influ- ence of diet or other substances on nervous tissue are very meagre. Starvation seems to have no effect. It seems that the weight of these organs is maintained at the expense of muscle, adipose buy endep tissue, etc. In young animals endep 50 underfeeding does not affect medullation. On the other hand, the feeding of certain foods such as polished rice or food purchase endep containing a relatively low amount of pro- tein and high carbohydrate will cause polyneuri- tis and pellagra respectively with the nervous degenerations accompanying these diseases. Metabolic activity is quite marked in brain tis- sue. While order endep water forms a very large part of the nervous tissue content, the protein and lipoid content take endep tablets 10mg part in the metabolic activities. Protein endep 25mg is found chiefly in the cellular part of the brain, the cortex, while the lipoids predominate in the white portions. Sodium, potassium, mag- nesium, etc., present in endep tablets nervous tissue as dissoci- ated ions or in combination with organic tissue, have a marked influence in nervous function, par- ticularly in the propagation of nerve impulses. The phosphatides contribute to this function by being oxygen carriers. Chemically they are un- saturated fatty acids. They are colloidal in na- ture and have an instability toward heat, and therefore endep 10 undoubtedly play a great part in the vital processes. A great many enzymes have been isolated in nervous tissue, but they probably play a very minor part order endep online in this metabolism. Me- tabolic activity in the brain may be influenced by a great many circumstances. Hyperthermia, asphyxia, convulsant drugs stimulate, while hy- pothermia, chloroform, morphine, diphtheria toxin, etc., depress. Increase in nervous activity augments nitrogen catabolism ; diminished nerv- ous excitability lowers the amount or endep 25 mg the' in- tensity of protein disintegration. endep 10 mg In regard to nervous activity, the consumption of oxygen by nervous tissue is as great as by muscle, which \i of course the organ of internal respiration where the ultimate exchange takes place. It is the large amount of unsaturated substances with autoox- idative properties present in nervous tissue buy cheap endep that indicates the great amount of oxidation going on there. The large amount of these oxidative sub- stances in the nervous tissue would in themselves account for the endep 10 tablets metabolic activity even without the intervention of the enzymes.' There is little doubt that brain and nervous tis- sues are not inert as far as the metabolic activity of the body is concerned. There is now ample evidence that in metabolic diseases such as pel- lagra, polyneuritis, etc., the brain symptoms are due to metabolic disturbances taking place here as in other parts of the body. Metabolic disturb- ances in brain and nervous tissue must be borne in mind not only in these specific conditions but in any pathological conditions ; they must be taken endep 25 to explain the mental and nervous symp- toms present in nearly all diseases. More exten- sive study of the composition and the chemical changes taking place in the brain normally and in disease will clear up much of the confusion of ideas concerning the brain metabolism. TUBERCULIN IN DISEASES OF THE EYE. Though the therapeutic employment of purchase endep online tuber- culin in other parts of the body has fallen into deserved disuse, thanks to the unjustified over- confidence of its enthusiasts, there are no doubt certain conditions in the eye where its use, if not a specific, is of well recognized value. Some of the poor results claimed from its use are properly blamed on those who administered it, as it is a very powerful agent, which when not properly used is capable of doing a great deal of harm. Hence its dose, mode, and frequency of adminis- tration are to be verj^ carefully considered before treatment is instituted ; and while we may not fully agree with Verheyden {British Jourtml of Ophthalmology, April, 1918) that the treatment of the patients is best given in a hospital, it is 'Hygienic Laboratory Bulletin, No. 103. EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 429

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