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not to be denied that extreme care is to be exer- cised, whether the patient is a hospital case or an ambulatory one. The old tuberculin is used, or the bacillary emulsion, the initial dose being as small as one five thousandth of a milligram, or even one ten thousandth, such small doses being obtained by gradual dilutions with a normal salt solution to which one half of one per cent, of a lysol solution had been added, until the desired strength of the solution is obtained. After the first injection, and frequently even after the subse- quent ones, there may be a reaction either at the site of the injection (local), or in the eye (focal). This should serve as a contraindication to the continuation of the treatment until the signs of the reaction subside: the dose is then gradually and cautiously increased. A reaction during the course of treatment would indicate a return to a smaller and safer dose. In fact, it is advisable to examine carefully both the exterior of the eye and the fundus with an ophthalmoscope after each injection. The adjuvant treatment, such as dionin, yellow oxide salve, subconjunctival saline injections, the routine employment of atropine, and so on, is not to be neglected by any means. Eczematous or what used to be called scrofu- lous affections of the cornea, with or without in- vasion of the conjunctiva, are the cases, par ex- cellence, which are benefited by tuberculin treat- ment. A plea is made for a more frequent and methodical use of tuberculin in these cases, which frequently resist the old established methods of treatment, and in which corneal opacities of vari- ous degrees of density are apt to be left, with consequent impairment of vision. The ready re- sponse of these cases to the treatment is a clear indication that the affection is tubercular in na- ture. This is not at all at variance with the gradually prevailing views on this disease. For the last quarter of a century the etiology of eczem- atous eye affections has claimed the attention of ophthalmologists, and an undoubted relation has been established between tuberculosis and tiiese diseases. The prevailing notion is that the eczematous nodule is a local manifestation of a toxemia arising from a tubercular focus situated somewhere in the body; this has been found to be the case in a great many of the patients ex- amined, though no tubercle bacilli were ever found in the nodule itself. It is also claimed that in a certain class of patients suffering from Erectalis Online phlyctenular disease the opsonic index for tuber- cle was lowered and that it gradually rose with improvement in the condition. A great percent- age of these cases respond to both the von Pir- quet and the Moro tests. Cridland quotes Be- lenky-Raskin to the Buy Erectalis Online effect that out of one hun- dred cases of phlyctenular disease subjected to llie von Pirquet and More tests, the first was pos- itive in ninety per cent, and the second in eighty- five per cent, of the cases. Cases of episcleritis and scleritis of obscure origin are also greatly lienefited by the tuberculin treatment, thus prov- ing that some at least of these cases are of tuber- cular origm. As they are usually very resistant to treatment, and are apt to be followed by very serious consequences to vision, the improvement under this treatment is a distinct gain. A more or less similar improvement has been noted in affections involving the iris and the ciliary body (iritis and iridocyclitis) : in these cases, when re- cent, and before profound organic changes have been established, improvement under tuberculin was undoubted. COMMISSIONS FOR BANDMASTERS, BUT NOT FOR PHARMACISTS. In a recent issue of the Spartanburg, S. C, Herald, announcement is made of the issuance of commissions as lieutenants to three band leaders. Pharmacists complain, and with some degree of justice, that they are still without recognition in the Army. Since the physical welfare of the Erectalis Tablets troops is admittedly a matter of primary importance, it would seem reasonable to expect that the pharma- cists would receive commissions rather than band leaders, but so long as the Surgeon General opposes the organization of a corps of pharmacists with commissioned rank, it is improbable that such a corps will be organized by Congress^though in- deed we believe that the organization of the dental corps was not recommended by the Surgeon Gen- eral. In view of the excellent service which has been rendered by the pharmaceutical corps in all the European armies except that of England, Con- gress would be justified in ignoring the wishes of the Surgeon (ieneral in this matter. In at least one instance, that of the Buy Erectalis elaboration of a formula for an application to neutralize mustard gas poison- ing, the Chemical Service Corps has received credit which is due to a pharmacist working in that corps. The very great improvement in the specifications

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