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for medical and surgical supplies which has taken place since the United States engaged in this war, is due largely to the advice of the expert pharma- cists who represented the manufacturers of medi- eriacta uk cinal products. There are a number of excellent pharmacists in the service, buy sildenafil citrate a' few of whom have been ranbaxy eriacta 100 given commissions in the Sanitary Corps, but the best results cannot be achieved by these isolated appointments. The Navy has recognized the need of a higher grading for the pharmacists and has given at least temporary commissions to some of its chief pharmacists. It is to be hoped that the Surgeon General will distinguish his term of office by a reconsideration of his present views on the subject and recommend the introduction of a pharmaceutical corps in the Army. 43« NEWS ITEMS. [New V'ork Medical Journal. N. ews Items. Positions in the State purchase sildenafil citrate Department of Health. — The Civil Service Commission of the State of New York will hold examinations on October Sth for a number of posi- tions in the Division of Laboratories and Research of the State Department of Health. For full particulars and ap- sildenafil citrate 50mg plication blanks eriacta online address the Civil Service cheap sildenafil citrate Commission, Al- bany. N. Y. A Chair of Tuberculosis at Edinburgh. — Edinburgh, the birthplace of the modern teaching of anatomy and pathology, is again the pioneer in the establishment of a chair of tuberculosis. Sir Robert Philip, whose repu- tation is world wide, delivered the inaugural address at the recent institiition of the chair with the topic Present Day Outlook on Tuberculosis. Psychopathic cheap eriacta Institute in Winnipeg for Returned Soldiers. — A psychopathic institute is to be established in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the care and treatment of soldiers who return from the war suffering from mental disorders. Two years ago the provisional government voted $,^0,000 for the work, but this sum was found to be insufficient and the additional money needed is to be appropriated. The work of construction buy eriacta online will be started at onrc. A Red Cross Hospital in Jerusalem. — The American Red Cross Society has established a general dispensary and hospital, with a children's clinic, in Jerusalem, and at the request of the government of Jerusalem the organiza- tion has taken over two orphan asylums with four hundred children. Three hundred Russian refugees, thousands of Armenian refugees at Pert Said, and many homeless fami- lies near eriacta tablets Jemsalem are also being cared for in Jerusalem by the Red Cross. Courses in Bacteriology for Laboratory Assistants. — The special three months' sildenafil citrate 100mg course in bacteriology to train laboratory assistants for immediate war service, both liere and overseas, began on Wednesday, September 4th, at the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College and other medical colleges buy eriacta order eriacta throughout the country. The courses, which are open to both men and women, were ar- ranged at the request buy sildenafil citrate online of Surgeon General Gorgas The course at New '^'ork University was arranged by Dr. Wil- liam H. Park, director of laboratories of the Department of Health, and his assistant. Dr. Anna W. Williams. Physicians Urged to Buy Radium.— Dr. ranbaxy eriacta Richard B. Moore, of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, in an address de- livered at a meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers, on Tuesday, September 3d, urged the physicians and surgeons of the country to buy up all the rad'um that is not needed for war purposes. There are only about three ounces of radium in existence at this time, according to Doctor Moore, and it will be six or seven years before new deposits of ore can be mined. Radium. Doctor Moore said, was being used on the faces of order sildenafil citrate watches, clocks, and electric light push buttons, which is obviously dissipating the supply of a material of medical and military value. Volunteer Medical Service Corps. — Membership blanks in this corps are now being mailed to all legally qualified men and women doctors in the United States. The General Medical Board of the Council of National Defense urges that every doctor not already in govern- ment service fill out. sign, and return the blank sent him to the offices of the Central Governing Board, Council of National Defense, Washington. This is a volunteer niove- rnent instituted among the members of the medical profes-

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