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and produce a hematoma which becomes absorbed in the course of three to five weeks. No trouble from infection or cystic transformation was ever cxperiencetl ; absorption ran its usual course even in Buy Famvir weakened or debilitated subjects. Three infec- tious cases with purpura and internal hemorrhages treated in vam by injections of horse serum re- covered rapidly after homohemotherapy — 100 c. c. — repeated on four successive days. In two hemo- -philics in whom horse serum had caused anaphy- lactic reactions the treatment was well borne and permitted safe dental extraction and an operation for appendicitis, respectively. Some cases of cryp- logenetic chloranemia and three cases of extreme posthemorrhagic anemia were also treated, with rapid results in the latter and slower improvement in the former. Management of Constipation among School Girls. — M. E. P.rydon (Virginia Medical Monthly, June, 1918) comments on the frequency of con- stipation among otherwise normally healthy school girls, and ascribes it to five causes, viz., dietary in- discretions, insufficient exercise, insufficient inges- tion of fluids, lack of regularity in Buy Cheap Famvir defecation, and cathartic drugs. The first of these consists in the ingestion of Famvir Buy enormous amounts of sweets, pickles, crackers, and other prepared foods looked upon as a necessary adjunct to the monotonous school fare. Most of this material is readily assimilated and lacking in residue. In the treatment, a list of foods rich in Famvir 500 cellulo.se is given, viz., cabbage, tomatoes, onions, spinach, corn, string beans, lettuce, cu- cumbers, asparagus, wheat and rye bread, and the coarser cereals, oatmeal, corn meal, and hominy. Bran is a valuable help and should be used as an addition to cereals, breads, etc. Some fruit should be taken at each meal, if possible, and before re- tiring. To be avoided, in a general way, are excess of eggs or milk, sweets, pastries, nuts, cheese, crackers, new white bread, hot bread, toast, mac- aroni, rich stews and gravies, most chafing dish products, condiments, and soda fountain drinks. The reasons for these dietetic recommendations are carefully explained. As regards lack of exercise, most girls, in spite of having gx'mnasium Famvir Price work twice a week, lead almost sedentary lives. A half hour walk, covering a certain distance, must be added by the girl patient in her daily schedule. In- variably these patients do not drink enough water. The necessary corrective suggestion is best eflfected in the form of questions, bringing out the fact that the body loses twelve glassfuls of water a day, while the fluid in solid foods only makes up about four. Irregularity of defecation is overcome only by impressing the proper mental attitude on this point on the patient. As regards drugs, their dan- gers should be explained as impressively as pos- sible, and the girl required always to report Famvir Famciclovir if she needs a laxative, as well as at regular intervals. In those already inured Order Famvir to the laxative habit cas- cara is given, three minims three times a day, in- creased one drop daily until a good flaily Order Famvir Online movement results, then reduced one drop daily to complete cessation. Suppositories, enemas, abdominal mas- sage, and calomel are to be avoided. MODERN TREATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Famvir 500mg 433 The Treatment of Acne Vulgaris. — James Famciclovir Famvir W. Miller (L'roJogic and Cutaneous Rei'iezv, July, 1918) examines the scalps of these patients very carefully. When the scalp shows seborrhea a pre- liminary shampoo of a solution of Famvir 500 Mg potassium car- bonate (14.2 grams to the htre), followed by the use of green soap tincture once a week and the daily use of a sulphur pomade, should be employed. The following is a good formula : Sulphur precip., dr. i ; Sodii bibor., Famvir Cost dr. v ; Aquse rosae dr. iii ; Cerate alba, dr. i ; Petrolatum, dr. v. All comedones Purchase Famvir are to be carefully expressed. Before expressing them it may be well to apply a hot towel to the face for a period of ten minutes. Pustules must be opened and drained, best done with a von Graefe cataract knife. The hyperkeratotic layer must be removed Purchase Famvir Online by sulphur. One of the best preparations is lotio alba. When stimulation is evidenced bv a mild Famvir Purchase dermatitis, cold cream or cal- amine Buy Famvir Online lotion should be substituted. Vaccine treat- ment is used at times. If the acne vaccine Famvir 250 Mg uncom- bined does not give results, the staphylococcus vac- cine Cheap Famvir may have to be added. The initial dose should be five million of the acne vaccine, which is in- creased to Famvir Online one hundred million. The initial dose of

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