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the staphylococcus vaccine is one hundred million, which is increased to a billion or more. "For acne in- durata or blind boil. Bier's suction cup should be used. The diet should be carefully restricted. Plenty of water should be taken between meals. Exceptionally the x rays or the Kromayer lamp may have to be employed. Local Reactions in Arsenical Treatment. — Lacapere (Pressc mcdicale, May 13, 1918) states that Herxheimer's reaction appears not only in the secondary stage of syphilis, but also, less strikingly in the primary and tertiary stages. The chancre becomes congested after the first injection and yields a copious serous discharge before undergo- ing retrogression. In the tertiary stage similar re- actions are observed, e. g., in gummata, in tabetic oculomotor paresis, in laryngitis with stenosis, in specific myocarditis or nephritis, etc. Paretics often develop curious excitement after an injection, due to reactive cerebral congestion. Tabetics exhibit on the day after femara online an injection what they describe as "fireworks pains" ; this is repeated for months after each successive injection, because the spirochete is so firmly established in the nerve roots ; but finally the tendency to reaction disappears. In all in- stances these reactions are produced as long as the spirochete remains, but femara mg diminish in intensity as the spirochetes become reduced in number. The re- actions are so constant as to be a positive sign of the syphilitic nature of a lesion. In subjects in whom arsenical treatment is just being begim, the reaction varies, in general, with the dose injected. It begins suddenly and reaches its height about one day after the injection. Its duration does femara price not usu- ally exceed one or two days, but there are ex- ceptions. It is slower in passing off^ in long stand- mg tabes than in the case of secondary eruptions. It mav assume great intensity where in the course of femara tablets treatment the arsenical dose is too rapidly in- creased. Infinitesimal initial doses and slow ascent should be the purchase femara online rule where manifest or even latent nervous lesions exist. To overcome the developed reaction where it entails danger, as in cases with cerebral, cardiac, or renal lesions, adrenalin is best. As soon as such symptoms as delirium, mental hebetude, cardiac arrhythmia, increased albumi- nuria, etc., appear, subcutaneous injections of one milligram of adrenalin should be given, and re- peated two or three times a day in severe cases. Before subsequent arsenical injections one half to one milligram of adrenalin should be buy cheap femara preventively administered. Glucose Applications in Certain Superficial In- fections.— T. H. C. Benians (British Medical Journal, June 15, 1918) points out that most patho- genic bacteria are able to ferment glucose with the production of a definitely acid medium. Many of the toxic products of bacteria are best formed in an alkaline medium and their production is inhib- ited by an acid reaction. The tryptic digestion of proteins which causes the stinking discharges of wounds and in infections is inhibited in an acid medium. On the strength of these facts Benians has tried the local femara cost application of glucose solutions in the following conditions : In bromidrosis it was effective in the only case on which it was tried. In ozena the application of twenty-five per cent, solu- tion order femara online of glucose to the interior of the nose twice daily has led to the production of an acid nasal se- cretion, the partial generic femara or complete destruction of the specific bacilli, and the disappearance of the foul smell and the crusts. Better results, however, seem to follow the similar use of glycerin. Some cases of chronic otorrhea seem to have responded well while others have not. Long standing purulent vaginal discharges have been cleared up completely in most cases by douching twice daily with twenty-five per cent, solution of glucose, or by the nightly introduc- tion of a vaginal suppository containing twenty-five per cent, of glucose in a gelatin base. Embedded Missiles in the Walls of Large Ves- sels. — R. Le Fort { Bulletin* dc l' Academic dc mede- cine, June buy femara 11, 1918) notes that while the elastic fibres of large vessels easily arrest almost spent missiles and shell fragments are very frequently found in vascular sheaths, secondary or late cheap femara hemor- rhages from ulceration of a projectile through a buy femara online vessel are rare. The fact is that a iijissile wears into or perforates a vessel only where the latter is un- able freely to escape from the former. This is sel- dom the case with small or medium sized missiles ; practically the only ones which could become em- bedded in a vessel wall. Diffuse secondary hema- toma is observed, however, as a result of compres- sion of order femara a vessel on a sharp foreign body because of external violence, excessive massage, or muscular contractions. Late vascular ulceration is almost al- ways due to infection ; most bullets and metallic fragments, even after being embedded purchase femara for years, carry on their surface pathogenic organisms from which infection may arise. Vascular walls defend themselves against foreign lx)dies in three ways. In the first, operative especially in the case of large veins, a part of the circumference of the vessel and

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