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galvanic or sinusoidal current. Every case of recent paralysis is carefully tested and subjected to one month's treatment, even if there is no response to electric current. Splints are used to keep the par- alyzed muscles relaxed. Whfn a muscle does not respond at all the interrupted galvanic current is used. Neuralgia is treated with the galvanic current combined with the whirlpool bath and massage for the limbs. Facial neuralgia is at times treated with a galvanic current of great intensity, flomax 0.4 from sixty to 100 milliamperes. For cases of neuritis the electric treatment consists of galvanic baths of from fifteen to twenty minutes' duration. A current of twenty to forty milliamperes is sufficient and for the last two or three minutes slow interruptions with a metronome and flomax alternative a milliamperage just sufficient to contract flomax generic the muscles arc given. Treatment mnst be carried on over a flomax 0.4 mg long period of time, from ten to twelve months. Hysterical paralysis is best treated with suggestion and strong faradic current applied with a roller or the brush. Paralysis following injury to the brain or the spine is treated by massage and general and local applications of electricity. Comparative Efficiency of Local Anesthetics. — Torald Sollniann (Journal of Pharmacology end Experimental Therapeutics, February, IQ18) asserts that the wheal method of testing local anesthetics in the human subject, is the most accurate, cost of flomax and can be applied directly to injection anesthesia, though not to surface anesthesia, for which the corneal test is not flomax online suitable. The author's tests showed that for injection anesthesia, cocaine, novocaine, price of flomax tropaco- caine, and alypin are about ecjually efficient. Beta- eucaine is one half flomax prices and quinine and urea hydro- chloride one fourth as active. Apothesine, antipyrine, and potassium chloride are but one eighth as active. There are fairly large differences in flomax for women the duration of action, but these are insignificant when compared with those resulting from addition of epinephrine. The latter prolongs the flomax tamsulosin action very greatly, except with tropacocaine ; it does not, however, change the minimal efficient concentration. Addition of soduim bicarbonate to cocaine or novocaine does not in- crease the activity, in contrast to its effect in sur- face or intraneural anesthesia. Mixtures of cocaine, novocaine, and quinine and urea hydrochloride give somewhat deficient summation without potentiation, generic of flomax and are therefore without advantage. Mixtures of the anesthetics with potassuim sulphate give only simple summation ; this would be of some flomax in women advantage in reducing the amount of anesthetic required. Quinine and Metallic Ferments in Malaria. — J. Bouygues (Presse mcdicalc. May 13, 1918) states that subcutaneous injections of quinine in doses of three grams a day yield very favorable results during the febrile periods in alternative to flomax Macedonian malaria. In the intervals of apyrexia, however, the remedy seems useless. Some cases of the disease completely resist large doses of quinine. The two main causes of this quinine resistance appear to be albuminuria and some ordinary infection coexisting with the malarial infestation. Frequently there are digestive and hepatic disturbances, as shown by ]iersistent headache, simple diarrhea, coated ton.gue, rapid flomax women pulse, subicterus, what is flomax and slight urobilinnria. Addition of treatment with electraurol, collobiase of gold or platinum or collargol given intraven- ously to the quinine proved of great service in the cases resistant to' quinine. The doses of collobiase of platinum and of collargol mentioned as having been used are two and ten mils, respectively. The immediate effect of such an injection is a febrile reaction greatly resembling the actual malarial par- oxysm. generic for flomax This is followed Ijy a subjective feeling of well being and within ten or fifteen hours by a drop in temperature, generally to a point below' normal. The secondary effect is a stage of normal tem- perature lasting thirty-six hours or longer, or even permanently. Where flomax cr the disturbance recurs, it is invariably less severe than before, and the general condition is greatly improved. The effect of the injection is looked upon as an artificial crisis similar to that of pneumonia : there results the same copious sweating, diuresis discharge of urea and uric acid, loss of chlorides, and general euphoria. The only contraindication to the flomax price metallic ferments is myocar- ditis with feeble heart action. The quinine was always continued for at least one day after the in- jections of metallic ferment."; Miscellany from Home and Foreign Journals Traumatic Shock. — Brechot and Claret {Bulle- tin de I' Academic de medicine, May 28, 1918) do not regard as fundamentally different the hemor- rhagic, toxic, and infectious forms of shock. The hemorrhage, intoxication, and infection are mere complicating conditions. flomax cost The true criterion of ner- vous, traumatic shock is not only a reduction of blood pressure, but a reduciton of the differential or pulse pressure, i. e. the difference between the

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