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and the lower extremity of the other. Ten months after the injury motor recuperation was almost com- plete in both cases, the first Cipro Floxin patient still showing traces of left sided hemiplegia and distinct hyperes- thesia in Floxin Price the great occipital distribution, the second a right sided brachial monoplegia and hyperesthesia of the third cervical. These cases, corroborate the observations of Marie, Benisty, Claude, and L'hermitte to the effect that quadriplegia from in- volvement of the cervical cord is far from Purchase Floxin being always as grave as it was thought Order Floxin before the war. The earlv clinical signs often greatly exceed the actual lesions, and a prompt unfavorable prog- nosis may prove erroneous. Visceral Manifestations in Congenital Syphilis. Buy Cheap Floxin — H. Barbier {Bulletins et memoires de la Societe ■medicalc des hopitaii.v de Paris, March 7, 1918) directs attention to certain nervous symptoms en- countered by hmi in numerous cases of inherited sy])hilis, viz., attacks of vomiting or of abdominal pain, and incontinence of urine. The vomiting attacks are most common among patients between the ages of five and ten years. The attack starts suddenly, while the child, perhaps, is playing or talking, Floxin Otic Suspension Floxin Ear Drops and without relation to meals. Usually it begins early in the morning. It is preceded by prodromes, gener- ally a frontal headache, sometimes very severe, which appears a few hours or even days before the vomiting. The headache disappears, as a rule, rather rapidly after vomiting Floxin Otic Ear Drops has set in. Some- times there are Buy Floxin Online also nervousness and Purchase Floxin Online peevishness. Sleep is less sound than usual. Vomiting may be repeater! a number of times, up to twenty times a day ; in the latter event blood may appear in the vomitus. The attack as a whole may Floxin Antibiotics last from a few minutes to two or three* days. When the vomiting ceases, the child rettirns to its playthings. The attacks are not periodic ; many of the patients have two or three a year, but longer intervals may elapse. At Floxin Otic Drops times a transitory meningeal syndrome supervenes, with somnolence, irregularity of breathing and heart action, and disturbed reflexes. The cerebrospinal fluid yields a positive Bordet-Wassermann reaction, but the blood reaction is variable. The attacks tend to diminish toward puberty, but are previously amen- able to systematic antisyphilitic treatment. Barbier gives Aqua Floxin biniodide or small doses of potassium iodide by mouth, avoiding inunctions which he has Floxin Ophthalmic found dangerous in these cases. Sudden attacks of enter- algia with liquid stools, passing ofif suddenly, and enuresis occurring alone or in conjunction with gas- tric attacks in children of four or five years, are other manifestations of inherited syphilis. 438 MISCELLANY FROM HOME AND FOREIGN JOURNALS. Cerebrospinal Fluid in Nervous Commotion. — Mestrezat, Bouttier, and Logre {Bulletin de I'Aca- demic dc mcdccine, May 14, 1918) studied the con- dition of the cerebrospinal fluid in a large number of cases of nervous commotion due Generic Floxin either to the air disturbance attending explosion of a shell or to a localized shock, without external wound. Over eighty Floxin Online pei cent, of such cases showed a Floxin Eye Drops manifestly abnormal cerebrospinal fluid, characterized by hy- peralbuminosis unaccompanied by pronounced other changes, chemical or cytologic. This condition in- dicates some degree of nervous disintegration, with- out participation, however, of the meninges and without infection. The number of cells per micro- scopic field being diminished — doubtless by dilu- tion, the intraspinal pressure being Order Floxin Online high — a signifi- cant condition of albuminocytologic dissociation re- sults. The increase of albumin Floxin Tablets in the spinal fluid generally begins within two or three days and passes ofif after a few weeks or months. Study of the fluid is of diagnostic service, e. g., in cases of wound or severe contusion of the scalp, in which the pressure of a marked accompanying nervous com- motion might otherwise be overlooked. Absence of changes in the spinal fluid does not definitely ex- clude nervous commotion, but their presence, and especially the characteristic course of the disturb- ance, conclusively prove that commotion resulting in organic changes has actually been produced. The information thus obtained is of importance in rela- tion to medicdmilitary and medicolegal decisions. Alcoholism, malaria, meningeal reactions of auricu- lar origin, and central nervous syphilis, should be excluded as causes of any changes in the cerebro- spinal fluid found in the individual case. The Effect of Painting the Pancreas with Adrenalin upon Hyperglycemia and Glycosuria. —Israel S. Kleiner, Ph. D., and S. J. Meltzer, M. D. (Journal of Experimental Medicine, June, 1918) attempted to confirm the results of Herter and his coworkers on the sugar producing effect of adrenal substance when introduced intraperitoneally. The

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