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tion and the essential properties of Glycomet 500 the antimenin- gococcic serum. The passage of immune bodies in poliomyelitis had been studied and was considered ]>ossible only under conditions of increased per- meability of the choroid plexus. This would per- haps be true of the meningococci. Increased per- meability was measured by the agglutinin Glycomet Gp2 reaction of the cerebrospinal fluid ; with a greater degree of inflammation the agglutinin would Buy Metformin go through in greater concentration. After an intraspinous Glycomet 500 Mg injec- tion there was disappearance Glycomet 1gm of agglutinin from the blood in seven hours. There was noticeable a block- ing effect on the Glycomet Price immune bodies in the cerebrospinal fluid after intravenous injection, though this had I 4-10 PROCEEDINGS OF NATIONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. [New York Medical Journal. not been definitely measured. Unless the permea- bility of the meningochoroid plexus was increased there was no passage of antibody. A certain accu- mulation of immune bodies was first necessary in the blood stream to produce Glycomet Gp1 this efifect of increased permeability. A virulent culture of meningococci introduced intraspinously Buy Metformin Online would cause meningococ- cemia in a few hours but it remained to be seen whether the organism in the blood stream would produce meningitis. This did Glycomet Gp not follow, although the organism remained viable for forty-eight hours. Meningitis was not proditced in the monkey by this means, but it should be remei,nbered that the monkey was a comparatively insusceptible animal. Antiseric reactions were always complicated by dif- ferences in the strains. The sera produced by the parameningococcus were very diiiferent from those produced by the meningococcus. To get a potent serum, the antibody zone should Glycomet Sr 500 be Glycomet Sr raised. Glycomet Gp 2 Less specific antibodies as well as the agglutinins were necessary factors. In sera which gave markedly different results in treatment, there was no differ- ence to be detected except that of agglutination. In making a monovalent serum the difficulty of getting cultures was a great drawback, not more than fifty per cent, of cultures being obtained. It was doubted whether a high enough titre could be obtained with the monovalent serum to warrant the efforts spent in its production. Dr. William H. Park, of New York, said that the laboratories producing serum were in great dif- Glycomet 850 Mg ficulties as to how to get the best. Doctor Amoss had said that the agglutinating properties were the chief differences in the antisera and the agglutinat- ing power was a measure of the curative power. This was not the case with the pneumococci. Why should the agglutinating power be a measure of the curative power? The antiinfectious power was the curative power. The agglutinative power did not show whether the serum matched the strain, nor did the complement fixation test. In tHe treatment of cases at the Board of Health Laboratory in Glycomet Tablets New York, they Glycomet 500 Sr had not been able to prove that the serum produced from a large number of strains differed in curative power. That, it was thought, was borne out by the pneumococcus serum where the best were those weak in agglutination. Dr. Henry Koplik, of New York, said that the differences in the civil and military aspects of the disease were interesting. Granting that, as Doctor Herrick had said, there was at first generalized sep- sis, in some instances this was so mild as to be inan- preciable. In a majority of cases of children in civil life, Glycomet 850 the localized manifestations Glycomet 250 would call for more intensive treatment than that for general sep- sis. Several cases had recently been seen, however, where the constitutional element was more predomi- nant than the meningitic element. A child, in ap- parently good health, was taken with a convulsion, was covered with petechial rash, became unconscious and then died. No meningococci could be shown in the smear nor in the cerebrospinal fluid. Such cases could be reached by intravenous Glycomet 500mg injection. In spite of the low mortality from the disease, these meth- ods would be of value. Dr. S. J. Meltzer said that he had expected to hear from Major Herrick how the epidemic termi- nated and the reason for it. This was an omission of a very important point. In regard to the passage Glycomet Tablet of the infection through the choroid plexus, he could not unrlerstand why the choroid plexus alone was

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