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Contents. — Dr. M.\x Einiiorn, of New York, re- ported this subject. The duodenum, it was stated, played an important role both physiologically and best price imitrex clinically. In this organ the acid' contents of buy imitrex online canada the stomach became alkaline. The duodenal juice was studied with regard to alkalinity : First, in price imitrex without insurance patients under duodenal alimentation ; second, in those who had duodenal instillation with water. The tubes being already in place, examinations were easily made. Fluid food was used, beef bouillon: thirty- two persons were examined. Faslnig duodenal contents were aspirated. Beef bouillon was then introduced and the contents aspirated again. The degree of alkalinity and the amount of amylopsin and trypsin were determined. Cases were graded according to acidity. It was is there a generic form of imitrex supposed that alkal- inity would be less with hyperacidity of the stomach, but this did not hold good. (To be concluded.) Book Reviews. [IVe publish full lists of books received, but we acknowl- edge no obligation to reviczv them all. Nevertheless, so far as space permits, we review those in which we think our readers are likely to be interested.] The Protcomorphic Theory and the New Medicine. An Introduction to Proteal Therapy. By Henry Smith Williams, B. Sc, M. D., LL. D., Member of the Na- tional Committee for Mental Hygiene, and of the Hy- giene Reference Board of the Life Extension Institute; successively Pathologist to the Iowa State Hospital buy imitrex online uk at Independence; Assistant Physician to the Blackwell's Island and Bloomingdale Asylums, and Medical Super- intendent of New York Infant Asylum and the Randall's Island Hospitals, New York City. New York: The Goodhue Company, 1918. Pp. viii-304. This elaborated monograph, in which the author sets forth his theory of the protcomorphic or proteal treatment of cancer and the application of it buy imitrex injection online as a practical measure, is of wide interest. It reveals a careful examination and consideration of his subject as he has occupied himself with it scientifically in the laboratory and in clinical prac- tice. He has chosen for it so wide a basis of comparative studv of the results heretofore achieved in laboratory re- search and experimental therapeutic work that it would stand alone in interest and in scientific merit as a review price imitrex nasal spray of investigation, discovery, and therapeutic use of the prin- ciples and facts of protein hydrolysis, immunization, and the mechanism through which these are carried out. Upon such a background he bases his own discoveries, theories, and his attempt to make' these practical and effective in all conditions where he believes the diseased condition may be suspected or proved imitrex available generic form to be the result of a disturbance of the protein metabolism of the body so that insufficient proteolysis buy imitrex nasal spray online imitrex cost per pill is taking place. His interest buy cheap imitrex online and attention have been chiefly given to this in regard to cancer, which he believes to be explained under such an hypothesis, "as a systemic condition characterized by the development of neoplastic cells of a somewhat embryonic type, in con- junction with an excess of leucocytes in the blood and a deficiency (actual or relative) of red blood corpuscles." For he considers this state imitrex generic release date of the cells of the blood to be the cause to a imitrex cost us large extent of the disturbance of the protein metabolism. In order imitrex generic form to substantiate this he dis- cusses at length the production of antibodies, the probable defense hydrolysis of all cells of the body and the setting apart for this work of price imitrex cells whose function how much does imitrex cost is particularly this defense, in which they to a marked extent support and supplement the other cells. These are the leucocytes and the red corpuscles, and each has its special function in this , process, the red cells completing the process begun by the leucocytes. Cancer under this conception is not viewed as the result of a specific pathological entity, but rather of a specialized condition produced by the failure of the successful carry- ing out of the proteolytic process by both leucocytes and erythrocytes. Thus a state of veritable malignancy may be" attained by any neoplastic growth not sufficiently over- come by the cooperation of the retail price imitrex cells who^ function it is to defend the organism against such proliferation. The malignant effect lies not in the neoplasmic growth but in the products liberated in the system by imperfect hy- drolization of these cells by the body enzymes. imitrex cost canada Therefore the whole therapeutic theory becomes one of increasing this protein hydrolysis by the parenteral introduction of foreign proteins and protein byproducts, to constitute anti- gens stimulating the defensive activities of the system .igainst such a condition. It is possible only briefly to indicate the author's careful and detailed discussion of this whole principle as worked out step by step imitrex generic no prescription in the history of investigation and dis- covery in biochemistry, and his cautious presentation of claims as to its applicability, theoretically and clinically, to the problems of cancer. His survey is a broad one. not only historically and in the consideration of the possibili- ties" which lie within the theory and the proteal therapy; but he also considers the various factors within the organ- ism which play their part in metabolism and its disturb-

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