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recovered. Doctor Carrington was called the same day to see the infant child of another Philadelphia physi- cian whom we will call Doctor B. The household of Doctor B. received its milk from the same Buy Lamictal con- cern that had supplied Mr. X., and with the same certificate. Doctor B.'s child also had a virulent intestinal infection ; and while the ultimate result was likewise a happy recovery, the illness, as in (he case of the X. child, was severe and dangerous. In the B. case. Doctor Carrington consulted with a physician whom we will call Doctor M., and was informed that there was at the Cheap Lamictal time in a certain in- stitution at Atlantic City attended by Doctor M., a small house epidemic of ileocolitis, presumably from infected milk. This institution is supplied, in part, by Buy Cheap Lamictal the same milk company which supplied the families of the two children attended by Doctor Carrington ; but as no individualizing record of food was kept, it is impossible to prove — however prob- able it seems — that all the sick children got this milk, or that all the children who escaped received milk from other dealers. Doctor X. wrote to the Buy Lamictal Online milk concern calling at- tention to all the facts, and asking it to try to locate the source of contamination. The Dairies Company promptly replied, express- ing regret and promising investigation. Later the R. Elliott Publishing Company, 446 COHEN: PASTEURIZED AND CERTIFIED MILK. [New York Medical Journal. Lamictal Lamotrigine proprietor of the farm from which the milk had come, wrote denying responsibility, detailing the care he gave to his cattle and their surroundings, and citing the high average merit (the low average bacterial content) of his milk. Still later, the sup- plying company again wrote and stated that in view of the high reputation of the farm mentioned and the fact that no other child had been infected by Lamotrigine Lamictal the milk in question, the fault must lie else- where. To this the reply was made that the com- pany's attention had already been called to one other specific and simultaneous instance of milk in- fection in a household supplied by it, namely, that of Doctor B. ; and that as soon as Purchase Lamictal Doctor X. could verify his impression that Doctor Carrington knew of still other cases he would again communicate with the company, which he did* as follows : DOCTOR X TO MILK CONCERN. August 27, 1917. — Dairies, Philadelphia, Lamictal Online Pa.: Dear Snss — -Referring to the illness of my granddaugh- Purchase Lamictal Online ter at Atlantic Lamictal Buy City, apparently traceable to your milk, I beg to report that Lamictal Mg I have been informed that many chil- Order Lamictal dren at the Home were taken ill on the same Sun- day night, in the same way, and that the home is partly supplied with your milk from the same dairy. The case against you seems to be conclusive. I do not pretend to apportion the responsibility, whether it is in the collection, the Order Lamictal Online bottling, or the distribution. ******** When the Lamictal Use milk wagon is dirty Lamictal Rashes and the driver slouchy, one feels that perhaps all the minutiae of asepsis are car- ried out in just as slouchy and uncleanly a way (which means not carried out at all) at the distributing centres. I would strongly urge this matter upon the personal attention of your highest officer. Rash Lamictal Very truly yours, X. THE MILK DISTRIBUTOR AND THE PEDIATRIC SOCIETY. A few days after the events related in the pre- ceding chapter, the vice-president of the milk con- cern (whom we will call Mr. G.) called on Doctor X. to renew the expression of regret and incident- ally, Lamictal Discontinuation if one may use the expressive slang of the day, to Generic Lamictal pass the buck. He made no attempt to Lamictal Xr repeat the denial of other cases. His alibis were two. i. His corporation was a distributor, not a producer. 2. The milk was probably contaminated in the household after delivery. In answer to the first excuse it was pointed out

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