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2ist, commenting upon your letter of September iQth to Mr. G., copy of which was sent by him to me. Doctor B. told me that he had not heard from you. I did not ask the Pediatric Society to investigate this matter, but since lasix mg Mr. G. has lasix with potassium initiated a one sided inquiry, I purpose seeing that it becomes thorough. To this end I would also respectfully insist that the house endemic at the Home, which receives part of its milk through Mr. G.'s company, be investigated, and that Doctor M. be asked buy lasix online to tell what he knows about this. I would also sug- gest that Mr. G. give a list of the families to whom his milk lasix renal was delivered during a reasonable time before lasix furosemide and after the illness under investigation, and that inquiry be made directly iv lasix of the persons concerned, as to whether or not there was any other illness caused by the milk. I would also ask why your committee accepted Mr. G.'s September online lasix 14, 191S.] COHEN: PASTEURIZED AND CERTIFIED MILK. 447 interested statement in this matter without making any further inquiry. I am sending a copy of this letter to Doctor lasix and potassium B. and one to Mr. lasik lasix G. Very truly yours, X. DOCTOR B. TO DOCTOR X. October 4, 1917. Doctor X., Philadelphia, Pa.: Dear Doctor — Thank you very much for permitting me to sec the correspondence concerning the near tragedy you had in your home and we experienced in ours. I shall be very happy indeed to say just what I think about this mat- ter when the opportunity presents. lasix buy When is the meeting to be held ? Very sincerely yours, B. Nothing further having been heard lasix to buy by him from the Pediatric Society, Doctor X., sometime in No- vember, asked Doctor B. whether the latter had received any inquiry from the Milk Commission. He had not. Neither had Doctor Carrington nor Doctor M. A formal communication was therefore sent to the Secretary of the Pediatric Society call- ing attention to the unasked decision of the Milk Commission made without investigation or inquiry, and requesting that the Commission be now directed to make proper investigation and inquiry; and specifically that it call upon Doctor Carrington, Doc- tor B., Doctor M., Doctor X., and those persons in the households of Doctor B. and of Mr. X., who had had charge lasix cheap of the milk and its preparation, to state the facts within their knowledge. To this letter no reply was received, nor was its receipt acknowledged. A second letter was therefore addressed to the President of the Pediatric Society. On December twenty-first, 1917, the president telephoned that Doctor X.'s letter had been mislaid and asked that a copy be sent to be laid before a meeting of the directors of the Society that day. Doctor X. complied. APPENDIX Milk is daily supplied lasix 40 mg to thousands of children in Philadelphia and vicinity under the fancied pro- tection lasix order of the tablet lasix Milk Commission's certificate. Is its action as set forth in this narrative an index of its usual care and thoroughness? If so, what is its certificate worth ? Doctor X. still lasix purchase holds to lasix for the opin- ion expressed to Mr. G. : Distribution of milk should be supervised with the same care that is given to production. There are too many chances of contamination, too much opportunity for bacter- ial proliferation, between cow and infant. Cer- tified milk as well as other milk is dangerous, if not pasteurized. With proper supplementary feed- ing the u.'^e of pasteurized milk involves no danger of scurvy or other nutritional disorder. The writer is Doctor X. His personal interest in potassium lasix the case is strong. But the subject, surely, is not one of personal interest only. Since the foregoing was put into type, a cour- teous letter has been received from lasix 40mg the chairman of the Milk Commission, which, apologizing for delay, goes on to say: "I regret that I was unable to be present at the September meeting of the Milk Commission, when your first communication was received, so that I am

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