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not sure what the comments were, which led to the form of the answering letter to which you took ex- ception. . . . Our reply should have been limited to what we knew for facts, which were, that the weekly bacteriological examinations of Levaquin Online milk from the .- . . Dairy as delivered in Philadelphia, were exceptionally low during August and September, and the conditions at the Dairy as shown by month- Cheap Levaquin ly inspections, were excellent. . . . You will agree with me that it is impossible for our Commission ... to supervise the conditions surrounding the delivery 'of [certified] milk in the suburbs and at the seashore. . . . We can and do watch over the delivery of it in Philadelphia County, where we have the authority, because the Levaquin Buy Board of Health stands back of us. . . . The summer population at Atlantic City ought certainly to have a supply of certified milk available, and the local conditions ought to be 500 Mg Levaquin watched ; Levaquin Cheap so that if you could stir up the profession there to a sense of their duty, it would be a good piece of work." It will be seen from the above that the chairman of the Milk Commission, notwithstanding the very Levaquin 500 Mg explicit text of the letters addressed to it and to the Pediatric Society, still remains under the mistaken impression that the matter was brought before the Commis?ion by a letter from Dr. X. in September, 1917; and that his plea Buy Levofloxacin Online in extenuation of its fail- ure to investigate is virtually one of want of juris- diction. As the narrative makes clear, Dr. X. wrote no letter to the Commission until after that body had "butted in," assuming to make a decision on a question which the chairman Levaquin 500 now states was out- side its jurisdiction, and concerning which, he frankly admits, it had no information. This action, as the record shows, was taken at the request of a Buy Levofloxacin distributor, whose delivery methods were under suspicion. No record appears to have been made of the manner in which Levofloxacin Levaquin the subject came before the Coinniission, or of the statements upon which its decision was based. Is any further comment nec- essarv ? OVARY: CORPUS LUTEUM, Oliver T. Osborne, M. A., M. Levaquin Levofloxacin D., New Haven, Conn., Professor of Therapeutics, Medical Department, Yale University. {Continued from page 405.) SYMPTOMS CAUSED BY ADMINISTRATION OF OVARIAN AND CORPUS LUTEUM SUBSTANCE. Just how much of the activities of the ovaries may be Levaquin 750 given a female patient by feeding Buy Cheap Levofloxacin preparations of the ovaries is difficult to determine, but many Buy Levaquin times the precipitated menopause symptoms of ovarian extirpation are largely ameliorated by ovarian extract. These disturbing symptoms are vasomotor dis- turbances, hot flashes, sweatings, head flushings, indigestion (perhaps due also to circulatory dis- turbance), the addition of weight Purchase Levaquin mostly in the form of fat, sometimes nervous irritability, sleeplessness, or the reverse, i. e., Levaquin 750 Mg unusual daytime drowsiness and mental sluggishness. How many of these symp- toms are due to loss of ovarian secretion, or how many to the sudden cessation of menstruation without pregnancy and consequently a storing in 448 OSBORNE: OVARY— CORPUS LUTEUM. [New York Medical Journal. the system, without physiological need, of the nu- triments and salts of the blood Levaquin Mg which were previ- ously periodically lost, has Levofloxacin 500 Mg not been determined, but both are factors in the condition. The normal meno- pause or the cessation of menstruation without pregnancy at a younger age will Levofloxacin 500 cause more or less of these symptoms, and ovarian feeding may mark- edly improve the condition. it should be constantly noted that not only the ovarian secretion is either lost or becomes greatly diminished in these conditions, but many other endocrine glands are disturbed, and consequently some of the symptoms are caused by their disturb-

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