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ment is of value in preventing pain and these toxic symptoms. Sometimes corpus luteum seems to act better for this condition ; but all local physical con- ditions disturbing the menstrual function should be eliminated before one depends on glandular extracts. USES OF CORPUS LUTEUIVt. T. /;( amenorrhea. — As above stated, in delayed puberty in girls, get discount lexapro ovarian, or ovarian and thyroid combined, treatment is better than corpus luteum treatment, but in amenorrhea or delayed menstrua- tion of discount lexapro no prescription girls or women who are not pregnant and in whom there is no apparent constitutional cause, lexapro price per pill corpus luteum is a valuable and efficient treatment. These patients may be thin, perhaps anemic, and have poor appetites, and need, besides cheap lexapro no prescription the corpus luteum treatment, a general building up by tonics, discount lexapro food, iron, and, often, better hygienic surroundings. On the other hand, many of these patients with functional amenorrhea are nervous, irritable, and feel generally disturbed because of this inability to eliminate the toxins or increased prescription discount lexapro elements of met- abolism which should normally be lost once in four weeks. These patients may have disturbed thyroid secretion at this time, an irritability of the thyroid without all of the usual hyperthyroidism symptoms. Iodine may help such a patient, as well as corpus luteum. Another class of girls and women with amen- orrhea add weight, are sleepy, lack initiative, and are lackadaisical. Such patients may show more or less signs of hypothyroidism, and will all be improved by more thyroid activity and by corpus luteum. Either thyroid or corpus luteum, or both, will generally incite menstruation, and the patient soon becomes normal. Women who have delayed menstruation, even only a few days, who become very nervous and irrit- able just before menstruation, are many times bene- fited by corpus luteum given in small doses of two two grain tablets a day for a week preceding the • date that the period is due. It often hastens men- struation and prevents this buy discount lexapro nervous irritability. If this small dose is not successful, larger doses may discount lexapro card be given for two or three days before the period is due", as four or five grains, three times a day. Very large doses are not needed ; and if the blood pressure is low, even the dose just mentioned shoidd not be given: or, if it is found by experience that a given dose causes faintness, dizziness and nausea, the dose to be given before the next period should be much smaller. While corpus luteum in small doses may be of benefit, in disturbances caused by removal of both ovaries, it is generally not of as much benefit as are preparations of the whole ovary. 2. In overzueight. — Anything that causes normal, complete and suflficient menstruation will prevent the deposit of fat and may cause loss of weight in the discount lexapro online overfat, hence corpus luteum may be tried to regulate this average cost generic lexapro function. However, for the purpose of 450 OSBORNE: OVARY— CORPUS LUTEUM. [New York Medical Journal. reducing lexapro price generic weight corpus luteum is a dangerous generic lexapro price drop prep- aration, and it should not be given in large doses, and should not be given for any great length of time. Diet and thyroid treatment, exercises, and various measures to produce cheap lexapro alternative sweating constitute the best management of these cases. Corpus luteum could be given for two or three days each month, before the expected period. 3. In dysmenorrhea. — Corpus luteum has been recommended to prevent this kind of pain. If there is any physical reason for the dysmenorrhea, of course this treatment is useless. Ovarian pain due to delayed menstruation, and uterine pain from clots due to a sluggish flow of menstrual fluid may be benefited by corpus luteum. It should be again urged, however, that in all instances of dysmenorr- hea the pelvic condition should be very carefully studied to exclude physical lexapro price causes before reliance is placed upon organotherapy. 4. In pregnancy.— Tht relation of the corpus lexapro discount program luteum of pregnancy and its secretion cheap lexapro canada to the vomit- mg discount lexapro coupons lexapro price comparison of pregnancy has already been discussed. While some clinicians have had success in feeding corpus luteum in the pernicious vomiting of pregnancy, a good physiological excuse has not cheap lexapro online been proved for such treatment. The blood pressure in these cases should be watched ; the twenty-four hour excretion

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