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of the kidneys should be studied ; and the presence of acidosis should be noted. Anything found ab- normal in these lines should be properly treated. If there is an increased blood pressure, in combination v/ith a proper Buy Baclofen Online diet and alkaline treatment, corpus luteum might be tried for a short time. The daily dose should be small, and the blood pressure should be watched. IĀ« other words, the treatment of this serious condition bv the administration of corpus luteum is still experimental. 5. In menopause cases. ā€” This condition has al- ready been largely discussed under the heading of ovarian treatment, but certainly when the meno- pause is precipitate, with hot flashes, Purchase Lioresal Online sweatings, nervous irritabilities, etc., corpus luteum treatment seems many times to be of great benefit. This is especially true when there is high blood pressure, and in the severe headaches occurring in this con- dition. Even when these headaches are not asso- ciated with high blood tension, but occur periodi- cally, showing that they are more or less toxic, corpus luteum Lioresal Price many times is very efficient in pre- venting them. It will not stop a headache that has begun, unless it is a continuous headache of several days, but if corpus luteum is administered for sev- eral days before the cyclic period when menstrua- tion would have occurred, it may prevent these periodic pains. Excessive nervousness and irrita- bility may also be prevented by corpus luteum treat- ment. The very high systolic pressure which so often occurs in women at or soon after the menopause, without arteriosclerosis, and without apparent kid- ney cause, is often Buy Lioresal Online very markedly benefited by cor- pus luteum. However, Purchase Lioresal the absolute necessity can- not be too much urged of studying each and every case of menopause with disturbing symptoms Order Lioresal from the Buy Cheap Baclofen standpoint of Lioresal 10 Mg all our present knowledge of the internal secretions. The disturbance is polyglandular ; with the loss Lioresal Online of corpus luteum several glands are disturbed, notably the ovaries, thyroid, suprarenal, probably Lioresal Mg the pituit- ary, and perhaps the mammary glands ā€” if they have an internal secretion. Whether the patient adds Generic Lioresal or loses weight, whether or not there is disturbance in the digestion of carbohydrates or in the digestion of jiroteins, with possibly traces of sugar in the urine on the one hand, or an Buy Lioresal increased or disturbed pro- tein or purin metabolism on the other hand, whether the blood tension is high or low, whether there are palpitations, anemic or plethoric headaches, profuse perspirations or dry skin ā€” a careful tabulation of all these many symptoms and signs will suggest a prop- er combination of the organic extracts to meet the condition, often with consequent rapid improvement. During such treatment the patient must be fre- quently seen and carefully watched, and modifica- tions in the treatment must be made at each visit, depending on the improvement or lack of improve- ment in her symptoms, or on a change in her symp- toms. It should be urged that small doses of iodide in the form of sodium iodide, two or three grains a day. may be better for some individuals than the administration of thyroid. The iodine will activate the thyroid to more normal secretion. When the thyroid substance is fed, the patient receives all of the thyroid activities. It should be again repeated that the dose of Cheap Lioresal any one of these glands when they are given for some time, should be very small, as the secretion from these glands is always in Buy Baclofen small amount for each twenty-four hours. ADMINISTRATION. Ovarian extracts are perhaps best made from the glands of the pig, and the dried powder may be or- dered in such doses as are deemed advisable. The two grain tablets (each representing two grains of the desiccated ovaries) seem to furnish ordinarily the proper dose. From three to six of these tab- lets may be given per day, all tablets being Order Lioresal Online crushed by the teeth before swallowing. When ovarian extracts are needed, the dose found proper may be given for a long period. Although feeding ovarian Lioresal Intrathecal substance seems to slightly reduce the blood pressure, there are apparently no toxic symptoms caused by reasonable doses of the whole ovary. Some patients are surprisingly stimulated by the ovarian treatment, whether from Lioresal Tablets the ovarian substance itself or because this substance stimulates other glands, cannot now be stated ; but such symp- toms should be noted and the dose greatly reduced. A few patients are stimulated mentally and physi- cally bv even as small a dose as two grains per day. Corpus luteum is perhaps also Buy Cheap Lioresal best prepared from 1he glanLioresal 25mg of a preparation of the glands from a pregnant

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