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wh.\t is food? Some one has said, "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are," which is just another way of saying that there is a direct relation between what a man eats, his physical condition, his char- acter, his temperament, and perhaps even more so, his temper. A sour stomach and a bad temper epitomize cause and effect. Historians tell us that it was stomach trouble and not mental trouble that caused Napoleon to lose the battle of Waterloo. We are beginning to realize the great importance of carefully Mirapex Litigation selecting our daily Mirapex Coupon foods, not only to see to it that they are Mirapex Er pure and wholesome, but that they are harmonious and best adapted to our indi- vidual requirements, and that the various nutri- ments which they contain are in the right propor- tions to produce the greatest nutritive value. Food is fife; and that we may have life more abundantly, the food question is receiving more consideration and attention than at any other time in the history of the world. The technical schools and colleges during the •An address delivered to the city employees, May 8. 1918, under Cheap Mirapex the auspices of the New York Municipal Civil Service Commission, Leonhard Felix Fuld, Ph. D., Assistant Chief Examiner. September 14, 191S.] LEIKAUF: FOOD VALUE OF CANDY. 459 past few years have been giving special attention to the principles of dietetics. This is due Generic Mirapex in part, no doubt, to the fact that modern physicians give^ greater importance to the diet than they do to ad- ministering drugs. The proportion of carbohy- drates, fat and protein, which represents the fuel value of different kinds of foods, is carefully ascertained in order to determine what kinds are best adapted to the needs of persons in various oc- cupations and different conditions of health. The determination of the food value of any kind of food is an exact science. The food analyist, therefore, , occupies a very important position in our social economics. Our ordinary foods are composed of from fifteen to twenty elements, which are Mirapex Rls combined in Mirapex 1 Mg the right proportions to form a great variety of foods. The most important Mirapex 0.25 Mg of these elements are carbohydrates, fats, protein, water, and minerals. These Mirapex For Rls different materials are necessary for the purpose of building up and repairing the body tissues and to supply the body Buy Mirapex Online with heat and energy. The carbohydrates include the different kinds of sugars, such as cane, beet, maple, corn syrup, and molasses. The sugars and starches are easily digested and are important food elements as sources of bodily heat and muscu- lar energy, and are often converted into fat. The fats are found chiefly in animal foods ; they are also found in olive oil and various kinds of vegetable oils, and in various kinds of nuts. They furnish the body with heat and muscular energy. Protein is found principally in lean meat, gluten of wheat and whites of eggs ; it is also found in many of the cereals, and notably in the legumes, peas, and beans. It builds bone and muscle and furnishes muscular energ>' to the body. Water, although a most im- portant food element, being a part of allthe body tissues, does not supply energy. It is, however, Generic For Mirapex indispensable, as are also the minerals which supply the body with little or no heat or muscular energy. It is, therefore, apparent that many different knnds of foods are necessary in order to have a complete dietary. The body is like a machine and What Is Mirapex requires different kinds of materials to repair the worn out Mirapex Coupons tissues, to build Pramipexole Mirapex up its different parts, and to serve as fuel to supply heat and energy. Mirapex 0.125 Mg Carbo- hydrates and fats are the chief fuel elements of food. The transformation of these and other ele- ments Mirapex Generic into heat and energy are measured with a respiration calorimeter. In ascertaining the amount of heat given Mirapex Cost oft' by any food element, the unit com- monly used is the calorie, the amount of heat which would raise the temperature of one kilogram of water i° C, or what is nearly the same thing, one pound Mirapex Price of water 4° F. Instead of this unit of heat a unit of mechanical energy may be used — for in- stance, the foot-ton, which represents the force required to raise one ton one foot. One calorie is equal to very nearly T.54 foot-tons; that is to say, one Buy Mirapex calorie of heat, when transformed into mechani- cal power, would suffice to lift one ton 1.54 feet. The United States Department of Agriculture has made very extensive and complete scientific tests

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