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and experiments to determine the correct food values of various kinds of foods. These experi- ments demonstrate that the carbohydrate, fats and protein all furnish fuel which supplies energy to the body in the form of heat :Md muscular power. The nutritive value of any kind Mobic Price of food, therefore, depends upon its composition and digestibility, e. g., granulated sugai- is 100 per cent, carbohydrates and butter is eighty-five per cent, fat; both are easily digested, although, neither is a perfect food if taken alone, but when combined with other foods that contain protein and minerals in the right proportion, a complete and satisfactory dietary is obtained. Candy being composed principally of sugar, choc- olate, and nuts, is very high in Meloxicam 15mg food value, and the different kinds vary in the proportion of carbo- hydrates, Order Mobic fat, and protein they contain. Sugar is highly concentrated food : Meloxicam Meloxicam its pleasant flavor and high nutritive Mobic Online value make it one of our most popular daily foods. The natural craving for "something svv-eet" is common in all classes Meloxicam Mg and the per capita consumption of sugar is in direct propor- tion to purchasing power — they will eat all they can afford to buy. The absolute Order Mobic Online purity of sugar is un- questionable. Several years ago, the Bureau of Chemistry of the United States Department of Agriculture carefully analyzed S^o samples of sugar, every one of which was found to be abso- lutely Buy Mobic pure. Sugar is easily digested ; the experi- ments Buy Mobic Online made at the Minnesota Meloxicam 15 Experiment Station show that 98.9 per cent, of its total energy is avail- able to the body. On account of the rapidity with which it is assimilated, Purchase Mobic Online sugar' quickly relieves fatigue. Sugar is a favorite food with farmers, lumbermen, and others, who work hard in the open air, Generic Mobic which unquestionably proves its high fuel value. Six ounces of sugar are equal in food value to one quart Buy Cheap Mobic of milk, or 1% pounds of lean beef. It has a fuel value of 1,810 calories. Chocolate is made from cacao beans, the fruit or beans from the cacao trees, several species of which grow in the countries extending from Mexico to Brazil, the most important of all the species being Theobroma cacao, which is chiefly cultivated for its good quality and yield. The Aztecs, the aborigines of Central America, used cacao beans as currency, the value of the bean Mobic Cost depending on its size. In appreciation of the delicious flavor and the food value of the beverage, chocolate — from "choco" (cacao) and "late" (water) made from the cacao beans, they called it "Theobroma" which name was derived from two Greek words, "theos" (god) and "broma" (food) — -"food of the gods." With the exception of prepared cocoanut, chocolate is higher in food value than any other ingredient used in the manufacturing of confectionery, having a fuel value of 2,860 calories per What Is Meloxicam pound. It is a fact of common knowledge that nuts are very high in food value, those used principally in manufacturing confectionery being almonds, fil- berts, pecans, peanuts, and walnuts, averaging ap- proximately 1,500 calories per pound. Corn syrup, erroneously called Purchase Mobic glucose, used largely in manufacturing giim drops, hard candies and taffies, is a pure, wholesome transparent heavy syrup, manufactured, as the name indicates, from corn. Its purity, wholesomeness, and food value have been the subject of searching scientific investi- gations by the United States Department of Agri- 460 I.EIKAUF: FOOD VALUE OF CANDY. Medical Journal. culture, food departments of the various States, and by noted food chemists, all of which have Mobic Mg demon- strated that it is : "readily and completely absorbed by human beings, that it is the normal blood sugar, and the cheapest food fuel known." The food value as expressed in scientific terms is Mobic Tablets 1.559 calories per pound. Candy is composed of various raw materials of high food Cheap Mobic value ; it is, therefore, apparent that candy being composed of combinations of two or more of these raw materials is exceptionally high in food value. The food values of several well known kinds of candy are shown. The food value of each kind has been carefully estimated from standard formulas used by prominent manufacturing confec- tioners. FOOD VALUKS OK DIFFERENT KINDS OF CANDY.

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