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Calories. Name. per pound. Sugar coated Jordan almonds 2410 domperidone motilium Caramels 1451 Chocolate dipped cream caramels 2155 Chocolates, cream centres 2092 Chocolates, nut centres 2498 Chocolate tablets, etc 2860 Cocoanut bonbons 1750 Cocoanut caramels 1675 Cream filberts 1913 French burnt peanuts 2040 Fudge 1587 Gumdrops i68s Hard boiled candies 1587 Jelly beans 1708 Lozenges 1795 Marshmallows 1737 motilium online Stick candy 1745 FOOD VALVE OF DIFFERENT KINDS OF RAW MATERIAL. Jordan almonds 3030 Chocolate 2860 Cocoanut 1730 motilium generic Corn starch 1675 Corn syrup 1559 Walnuts motilium canada 3300 Filberts 3290 Gelatine 1705 Pecans 3455 Peanuts 2560 Sugar 1810 On comparing the fuel values of the different motilium domperidone 10mg kinds of candies with the fuel value of some of the common daily foods, shown by the food value charts, such as whole milk having order motilium a fuel value of only 315 calories per pound, cream 881 calories, whole eggs 695 calories, beefsteak 1,090 calories, corn 1,685 calories, rice 1,620 calories, white bread 1,180 calories, and corn bread 1,175 calories, it will be seen that with but three exceptions, the different kinds of candies are very much higher in fuel value than any of these foods. The purchase motilium high nutritive value of chocolate candy is recognized by the leading military authorities of the world, and the "boys at the front" are satisfying their craving for "something sweet" with chocolate cakes and tablets and candies of various kinds. Scientists have demonstrated by careful experi- ments that during violent exercise or exhausting labor, the sugar in the blood is very heavily drawn on to supply the body with the necessary fuel, hence the longing for "something sweet," which can be readily assimilated, and which is most easily and conveniently supplied in some form of candy. The Swiss guides for mountain climbers consider lump sugar and buy motilium online sweet chocolate an indispensable part of their outfit. Brigadier General L. \V. Waller, of the ITnited States Marine Corps, referring to the food 'value of chocolate, says. "I never went into a cam- motilium cost Daigu without my chocolate. I always have a few cakes of it in my kit when motilium mg 1 go into service. Men fight like the devil on chocolate. It is particularly good in hot motilium price weather. Seasoned fighting men take it on the march with them." Referring to the emergency ration for the motilium tablets 10mg army, suggested by Doctor Vedder, the Scientific Ameri- can says: "The problem of rationing the motilium imodium soldier is of the utmost motilium 10 importance, motilium buy not merely for the pur- pose motilium uk of preserving his physical health, but of con- serving his military efiiectiveness. Regardless of what the civil cheap motilium population subsists upon, the ration- ing of the soldier must not be motilium tablets reduced so as to curtail his food requirements. An emergency ration must be balanced and possess a reasonable energy value and tissue building power. Palatability must motilium pharmacy

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